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We sat down with the French Secretary of State for Digital Affairs at CES to chat about the rise of French tech startups ... 展開收合

Here’s another guest appearance by Dean Jackson, sharing how you can get your projects done more quickly and with a LOT less effort... bit.ly/2EGqpvk ... 展開收合

Here’s another guest appearance by Dean Jackson, sharing how you can get your projects done more quickly and with a LOT less effort... http://bit.ly/2EGqpvk

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Russell Brunson

Take them on a journey, show them that you have a NEW way, not a better way but a NEW way. Show them that the vehicle they are in is broken. You know because you were once there. You found your way out, overcame and now want them to overcome as well. This is called an epiphany bridge and when done right will shatter their false beliefs, opening up a new opportunity ... your opportunity! ... 展開收合

Take them on a journey, show them that you have a NEW way, not a better way but a NEW way. Show them that the vehicle they are in is broken. You know because you were once there. You found your way out, overcame and now want them to overcome as well. This is called an epiphany bridge and when done right will shatter their false beliefs, opening up a new opportunity ... your opportunity!

Whattttt?!?!?! And I'm not just talking about the illusion he does here, but the name he mentioned 45 seconds in!

Thanks Rokham F. for emailing this to me!

Global Winnipeg
Can Durgy Spade read minds? Watch how he accurately guesses the correct words thought by Global's Weather Specialist Adriana Zhang.
... 展開收合



That is awesome!!!

One more reason for you to visit us here in Toronto.

You're going strong in Canada. I've already met a couple of Canadian entrepeneurs who love Pat Flynn

So cool Pat.

What What??!! Too cool!

Nice. Pat do you still wear your red patflynn back pack 😉

Guys a lot of these programs promise passive income, but to really make passive income, you need to have your money work for you. Check out davorcoin, where you become like the bank and you make money on lending to a trading bot; true passive income: bit.ly/2mzc0d0

have you ever visited there? Winnipeg is like the quintessential "cold" Canadian city. Glad you made the Winnipeg news!

That's awesome Pat. Your name got mentioned up here in Canada! Cool...no pun intended❄️❄️❄️

I am in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and I have been following you for years, Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn! I LOVE your blog, podcasts and youtube video. And your books, of course :). I am also part of your physical product beta group (to write a book). I could say that I am one of your biggest fans 👍 So cool that he mentioned your name and brought your book! Keep doing what you are doing, Pat! And thank you so much for all your hard work!

That's awesome Pat.

Couldn't do it with Ice Berg Slim tho

As a resident Winnipegger, this is like two worlds colliding.

lol you are already way past famous!

That's awesome Pat.

I’m Canadian and known about Pat for years. Good choice in books. 👍

Dude, that's totally awesome!!!! Haha!! I loved that book too!!

That is awesome! You were grouped with JK Rowling!!

Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn that's wicked pat! He's said one of his favorite authors! I actually just ordered your books for myself and my good friend. Just wanted to say I love your work and podcasts! Been listening to you for about 2 years now and your awesome! Thank you for all the great content and help out there! I'm looking forward to meet you and shake your hand one day!

But will it fly? 🤔

That’s freakin’ awesome!

Lol - amazing!


Yah Pat! 🤙🏽

That’s awesome!

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Have you ever been so new to something that everyone else knows you're new and sort of treats you differently because of it? It definitely happened to me when I switched schools when I was younger, and when I started new jobs, too - but what about when you're starting a business or diving into entrepreneurship for the first time?

When you're a new entrepreneur (newpreneur, hehe) it can be difficult to grow and gain exposure (and be taken seriously) if you're giving off that "newbie vibe".

In this video, I share 7 tips for newbie entrepreneurs (which is likely helpful for some of you who already have a successful business, too) to help make sure you don't come across like a newbie entrepreneur.

You also have quite a few advantages as a new entrepreneur too, which you may not even realize. I cover those in here, too.

Thanks in advance for watching. Captions are available, and additionally if you like the video, please consider sharing it! Cheers!
... 展開收合



Nice video Pat, #1 Pet peeve is a business that does not respond.

Creating waste. Kids toys are the thing I’m noticing the most these days. The amount of packaging is ridiculous. Stop cluttering our planet! Huge pet peeve.

Great video Pat! Biggest pet peeve is definitely poor grammar and spelling mistakes in emails and social posts...makes it feel like they are a "newbie"

Cranking quality work, good job sir! Biggest pet peeve: receiving email campaigns where the assumption is that I like that brand because I open emails - with zero social online prior interaction. In my case however, I actually open them to learn more about email marketing tactics, trends and patterns. Thank goodness most folks aren't into digital marketing like me, otherwise tough sh_ _ for the online space:-)

Loved the tips and presentation 🙂 #1 pet peeve is getting an email that should have been proofread. Oops. OR getting an email where you can tell it was just a mail merge. I know it's a mail merge, but "Dear [customer name]" is a bit obvious.

Awesome video pat. My biggest pet peeve is bad customer service.

Pat ,You are the best:)

Tong Woradet

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Product Hunt

"Yeah, I know how to do encryption" ... 展開收合

Yeah, I know how to do encryption



Daniel Wallace CS graduate m e m e s

Ashwinee Panda cRyPtOgrAPhy

Akash Raj yahi na?

Rahul Ahuja

Natesh Narain

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Neil Patel

Here are 7 free tools that'll help you rank #1 on Google. ... 展開收合



Why are you shouting that much? 😳

Hi Neil thanks for the tips, at the moment I'm using Google AdWords to get leads because my site isn't ranking for any keywords. I'm only using 1 keyword because it gets over 55,000 monthly searches. I'm generating 20 new leads for each day for with a £10 budget. I want to rank organic for this keyword "depression test" what strategy would you use for this? Thanks Stephen

These are normal tools , I think everybody using these . But you forget to tell something on content marketing tool ... Which help more than that 1. Keyword planner 2. Google trends 3. Google correlate For content marketing

I use All in one SEO instead of Yoast. Shell i replace it..? Google says i do not have a site map 🤔

Neil, the content you provide is amazing as always. However, on video you don't need to shout to come across as energetic.

Awesome tips. I wasn't familiar with Screaming Frog. I'll check it out. Thank you for sharing!

Thanks Neil for ur professional insight. Love your channel so much.

Thank you for the tips 🙌 learned a ton!

Thanks Neil, much appreciated 😀

Always enjoy your vids, thanks for the tips - Have a good weekend. 😁👍

Thank you for all the good tips Neil, I already use all of them and they work.

Best tools listed Neil sir!

thanks Neil for another great and informative video. Your videos are super practical.

Awesome! Neil how will the new and terrible changes coming to Facebook effect our ability to see your content or run ads for ourselves?😳

Thank you I needed this

Thank you for good tool Neil

many many thanks for important info...

Shinning star

Thanks Neil Patel : I am already using all webmaster tool but quicksprout and screaming frog is new to me.

Sonica Parmar this will help you & me as well.

Marko Bosnjak told you this guy is gold


Adoro gente que se digna a responder comentário.

Ishank Anchal

Dipa - worth checking out quick sprout?

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Neil Patel

Here's how you can grow your ecommerce sales by 50% or more. ... 展開收合



Hello sir, I want to create fb ads for my natural health store, please help mainly headline. Thanks in advance 🙂

Hi Neil Patel could you please give my store a review, I have only opened it and am working on it daily v8fit.com

Neil We are into promotion of Indian Handloom Saree/Stoles BhashaBharat.com pls share your Feedback

Hi Neil, need to know how to run the perfect Google Ad words & Facebook campaign.

Info for AdWords & FB. Is Referal Candy good for courses on WordPress sites or course software?

Neil, I need some help with Facebook ads for ecommerce. My target audience is people who are looking to buy a gift for someone. I sell gourmet food.

Interested to see a vid on facebook ads for Ecommerce...although we sell multiple products on our site target audience is mothers and expectant mothers bloomingals.co.uk thank you

Grt tips...can u pls provide me tips on Remarketing...

How to let this fb bad boy (pixel) to work for my fresh store? Its way harder to get any sales, pls help

This is your best video yet - I’m going to get my kids to watch it. Ms 10 wants to start her own online store.

Thanks for sharing. What do you think about Explainer videos and web animation?

Hello, Any suggestions for Audience Targeting of Facebook ads for a company in gifting domain?

Hi Neil I'm interested what your suggestions are, jeans2die4.com.au thank you

You amaze me as usual, I know this is your VA reading the messages 🙂 but your content has helped me grow my businesses by following some of your techniques. Great job once again!!!

Hey Neil, Can you please let me know if FaceBook ads and Good Ads are good to run for B2B Construction equipment?

Hi, want to know how to make Facebook and google ads! Thankyou

I would say if you can create a video on what shopify apps are the best to use in our online stores?

can you please suggest me to increase my sales on Amazon

Do give a lecture on how to run successful google adword campaign

Hey Neil! Here is my e-commerce store standoutshop.com - really appreciate any input! Thanks so much for all your AMAZING help!!

Thank you sir

Hey which one should i do first 👉www.thecapstore.gr

Great content Neil Patel, you Rock! Thanks.

I was using adwords. And I am thinking how to find keyword that people will like to buy. And I am thinking who is visiting my site at 2 am local time.

Tip7 on referral program seems better than gumroad Sam Choo

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How to increase the price of your products WITHOUT pissing off your customers, according to Ryan Deiss.

(PSST! We're increasing the price of our flagship product after four years. For more info on why we're doing it and what it means to our community, check this out >> bit.ly/labpricechange)
... 展開收合



I find this very odd. If you're grandfathering in all your current players and offering a discount before you raise the price. Therefore, hoping to garner a bunch of new customers as this would be a scarcity tactic - then, no explanation needed, especially if you're adding features. I get that you want to appear transparent but if you just said the above, your transparency is evident. Here, all I see is a CEO trying to justify a product price rise. If your product is worth the cash, then no justification required in my humble opinion. 🙂

Very good points and thank you for sharing your thought process.

Charlotte Parrish Harney - makes me feel good about our direction!

Vladimir Kusnezow

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When it comes to producing great videos for social media that drive engagement and audience growth, there are certain ingredients that can go a long way to achieving success.

Do you know which ones?

In this guide you'll discover Hootsuite’s own 10-step video creation process and all the backstage secrets of one of their most successful videos!

... 展開收合

When it comes to producing great videos for social media that drive engagement and audience growth, there are certain ingredients that can go a long way to achieving success.

Do you know which ones?

In this guide youll discover Hootsuite’s own 10-step video creation process and all the backstage secrets of one of their most successful videos!




Meirav Shavit

6 days ago


It’s National AMBER Alert awareness day. AMBER alerts harness the power of communities to quickly find missing children. We are honored to support this amazing system on Facebook. ... 展開收合



I need to contact someone in Customer Service.

I think this is a good thing for Facebook too post Missing Children on there Facebook too bring them safe & sound

How do you activate the Facebook Amber alert

Why doesn’t Facebook respond to messages? None of my requests have even been looked at, my messages haven’t been read, Facebook customer service is weak.

Hi how do I contact facebook customer service? I messaged facebook several times but they dont reply wtf

I personally thank you Facebook for doing all day I think that's a wonderful thing you doing

We should support the Amber alert it saves life I with you on this .

Thanks Facebook for helping so many.

Too many pop up ads on Facebook. Getting really annoying.

Hello Facebook! Good day! may facebook friends, has been hacked or compromise by a user and she's trying to access her email and after that to open it. Didn't get or recieve a code, how is it? ASAP

Facebook is an Incredible, Amazing tool!!!! Thank You 😊

I am so thankful we have Facebook alert

Amplify the amber alert. A true public service tool and effort. Good wishes.

Thank you Facebook,, for continuing to care for us and our loved ones with Amber Alert.

unjustified blocking of the possibility of adding posts in groups!!! Facebook is becoming an increasingly worse social networking site.

Excellent job/and service to the humanity.Thank you

Thank you facebook, continuing to care for us an our loved ones with amber alert

I respect the Amber alert system. Thanks so much for it.

excelent idea. Amber Alert, help people to find relatives specially kids. wanderfull

I love the Amber alert thanks for the update

I Think facebook is a good place to look for someones child because You never know where They could end up.It really Helps It also help people find lost pets at times.

Brilliant idea Facebook!. Love it! It's great to know that Facebook is taking this initiative 10 times beyond what others are doing. Bravo! Mark Z.

Thank goodness for the Amber Alert system has come together with Facebook, awesome

Facebook disabled my friend's account please how can he get it back. Achuenu Collins

Hi, we need the SO WHAT 😒 reaction button on Facebook

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Hope brings us together. See what people around the world are hopeful for and join the conversation. What are you #HopefulFor in 2018? ... 展開收合



Good health, peace all over the world n less stress

Hopeful for a healthy and safe 2018 for me and my family. Hope to bring in another year together

I'm hopeful that people that I'm not connected with on Facebook won't be able to tag me any more. I'm about sick of that crap.

Why are we starting to see commercials that play inside a video that we have chosen to watch? After around15 seconds of viewing, a commercial cuts in during the video and advises us that the (chosen) video will continue when the commercial ends. (This happened before net neutrality was extinguished).

Good Health for the family!

Healthy and happy new year for my family

Good health and happiness for everybody!

I'm hopeful that my poems will bring the world together and that we understand that we are all one

Peace and good health for my family and myself.

Hopeful for my makeup business to take off so I can take mom son on our first real vacation in over 7 years!

Luv fb soo much cool thing's bout it💛💛

I was locked out of my account and can't get back in, the phone number that it says the code to verify isn't even mine. I want access to my account it took me years to build it up! You guys have no contact information, so you make it impossible.

have the public pages been removed from the news feed? that's how i get updates on the shows i watch and the bands i like. it also looks as if my news feed has been cut very short.

Hopeful that Facebook will bring back the "turn off commenting" feature for posts that we put on our own personal pages!!!! So people can STOP bashing each other ALL THE TIME!!! PLEASE FACEBOOK bring back TURN OFF COMMENTING!! Sometimes (very OFTEN) we want to just make a statement and leave it at that!!!!

I am Hopeful for new beginnings! Facing new challenges ! And hoping to accomplish all 52 of them!

Hopeful In 2018 For Love , Happiness And Good Health For My Entire Family!🤞

I'm hopeful I'm alive and healthy

I would love to spend more time with my first born .

#hopefulfor my small business to finally start booming. M&B #hopefulfor the students I teach to have a better future.

Everyone to love others and try to help those that need help. Also, peace on Earth around the world. More singing and more happiness.

Want to travel more as long as health permits

I am hopeful for love, peace and happy families.

I am so sick of seeing post from yesterday, three days ago, 3 month ago. I wish you would listen to people and bring back the chronological feed. Same with Instagram it should be renamed to a few days ago gram!

I am #hopeful that as as nurse I will make meaningful, positive difference in the lives of my patients. Even if it is only for a brief moment..

2018 Starting a career as a IOS developer maybe get a job at Facebook!

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Did you hear about the Finnish startup which got their product stocked in a 2000-store Chinese retail chain in 3 weeks?

Join us to learn more about the opportunities in China, and how to enter the market even quicking than the U.S. market!

The event is FREE - register for the pitching competition by Jan 23

Beijing-Helsinki Science & Technology Startup Forum 2018二月 7, 8:00上午NewCo HelsinkiBeijing-Helsinki Science & Technology Startup Forum 2018

Helsinki has been celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year for over a decade. In the spirit of the two cities’ action plan and inspired by the new year celebration, Beijing Municipality and the City of Helsinki are organizing the Science & Technology Startup Forum. This forum consists of keynote speeches, pitching competitions, matchmaking, and site visits; covers three tracks: 1) Artificial Intelligence; 2) Smart & Clean; 3) Healthcare & Wellness. This forum is produced by Beijing Municipal Commission of Science & Technology, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, COMB+ and NewCo Helsinki, supported by Chinese Association of Science and Technology in Finland.

Startups: Got a killer product that you would like to bring to the Chinese market? Come and present your products, pitch to your potential investors, find your business partners, win the prize and kick off your business to the world! What’s more? The City of Helsinki is supporting the international startup scene with the Startup Exchange Program available for both Beijing and Helsinki startups, travel grants for Helsinki based startups traveling to Beijing and soft-landing package for Chinese startups landing in Helsinki. Part of the Science & Technology Startup Forum’s Pitch Beijing & Helsinki event is a pitching competition for Finnish and Chinese startups. Please apply via the registration form below by January 23, 2018. The prizes awarded to the three winners are:

- RMB 20,000 (approx. 2500 €) cash prize from the Beijing Municipal Commission of Science & Technology
- Free participation in Sino Track accelerator Spring 2018 Batch, including Sino Track Camp in Beijing (March 19-23, 2018)
- NewCo Helsinki travel grants for Helsinki-based startups traveling to Beijing

Investors: Are you looking for the best innovations from Beijing or Helsinki in the area of AI, Smart & Clean or Healthcare & Wellness? Would you like to meet investors from China? We will invite the relevant companies and organizations based on your interests. Sounds good? Get an Investor ticket!

Executives: Are you interested in the cutting-edge technology startups from your field? Are you interested in collaboration with big corporations from China? If yes then this is the event for you.

Register to the Beijing-Helsinki Science & Technology Startup Forum 2018 here: bit.ly/2zCEPOZ

Day One: February 7, 2018
Location: Helsinki City Hall (Pohjoisesplanadi 11-13, Helsinki)

Opening Ceremony
Time: 8:30-11:00

-Opening performance
-Welcoming words
-Signing ceremonies
-Keynote speeches
-Finnish-Chinese Performance
-Closing words and group photos

Pitch Beijing & Helsinki
Time: 13:00-17:30

-Check-in, coffee and tea
-Opening and welcome speeches
-Keynote speeches
-Pitching competition

The three winners of the pitching competition will be announced at Super Gala (Invitation Only) which is held 8th Feb 2018, 17:30 to 20:00 at NewCo Helsinki.

Day Two: February 8, 2018
Location: NewCo Helsinki, Juhlasali Hall (Ensi Linja 1, Helsinki)

Business Services in Helsinki Seminar
Time: 8:30-11:00

- Check in
- Welcoming words, Tommo Koivusalo, Head of Unit, NewCo Helsinki
- Helsinki Business Environment and Startup Ecosystem, Henrik Keinonen, Partnership, NewCo Helsinki
- How City of Helsinki serves entrepreneurs? Valentin Babitzin, Business Adviser, NewCo Helsinki
- Softlanding and Startup Exchange Program, Lauri Määttänen, NewCo Helsinki
- Introductions of Helsinki accelerators and incubators

Super Gala (Invite Only)
Time: 17:30-20:00

Day Three: February 9, 2018

Site visits to relevant organizations and companies in Helsinki, companies which signed up to site visits will receive further information. Open for Chinese delegations from China and Europe.


1. Mr. Yu (Partner) and Ms. Wang (Deputy Director), Beijing Jingbei Investment Management Co., Ltd
2. Ms. Liu (Director of Incubation Investment Center), Tsinghua Solar Institute
3. Mr. Liu (Engineer), Beijing Association of Sustainable Development
4. Ms. Wang (Vice General Manager), Zhongguancun Street Operation Management Co., Ltd
5. Ms. Shi (Vice President), Raycom Rongzhi Asset Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd
6. Ms. Gao (Founder), YKBT Incubator Technology Services (Beijing) Co., Ltd
7. Mr. Zhu (President), Beijing Combplus Jinhe Investment Management Co., LTD
8. Mr. Wen (President), Jiangxi Boneng Industrial Group Co., Ltd.
9. Mr. Lei (Senior Partner), Joy luck Venture Investment Co., LTD
10. Mr. Lu (Vice President), Digitop Media Group
11. Mr. Wu (General Manager), Beijing Collaborative Innovation Investment Holdings Co., Ltd
12. Mr. Cao (Chairman), ChuangKeYiBai Fund Company
13. Mr. Lu (Partner), Turing Capital
14. Mr. Yang (Dean), Future Media Convergence Institute
15. Mr. Huang (Founding Partner), Jadestone Capital
16. Mr. Wang (GM), and Ms. Wang (CFO), Beijing SkyOcean Combplus Technology Co., LTD
17. Mr. Zhu (Chairman), Beijing Association for International Science & Technology Cooperation
18. Ms. Wang (Vice President), Beijing Enterprises Water Group Limited
19. Mr. Yu (Director of Design) and Mr. Du (Sales Director), Jinggong clothing group Jing Gong. Yu Jing Master Studio
20. Ms. Wang (Secretary-general), Beijing Lingxi Mobile Communication Industry Innovation Alliance
21. Mr. Bai (Vice President) and Ms. Gao (Sales Director), Baicells Technologies Co., Ltd.
22. Ms. Wang (Secretary-general), Ms. Zou (Deputy Director), Mr. Zhang (Deputy Director), Ms. Wang (Project Manager), Ms. Li (Project Manager), Beijing Association for International Science & Technology Cooperation
23. Mr. Liu (Chairman of the Board), Beijing Advanced Medical Technologies Co. Ltd.
24. Mr. Jia (Vice President), Beijing Advanced Medical Technologies Co. Ltd.
25. Mr. Chen (Chairman of the Board), Beijing Sanrong Technology Co., Ltd.
26. Ms. Huang (Investment Director), Beijing High Growth Capital Management Co., Ltd
27. Mr. Liu (Chairman of Supervisory Board), Ms. Li (Internet Business Sector Vice Secretary) and Ms. Liu (Office Assistant), Henan 863 Software Incubator co. ltd
28. Mr. Lei (Deputy Director & Secretary-General), The Union Beijing Business Services
29. Ms. Tang (Assistant of Director), Institute of Green Building, College of Engineering, Peking University
30. Mr. Wu (General Manager), Beijing Collaborative Innovation Investment Holdings Co., Ltd.
31. Mr. Liang (Hatching Operation Department Head) and Ms. Cheng (Training Cooperation Manager), Beijing Sky Ocean Comb plus Technology Co., LTD
32. Mr.Liu (Vice General Manager), TusPark Business Incubator Co., Ltd
... 展開收合

Beijing-Helsinki Science & Technology Startup Forum 2018

3 months ago

Ramit Sethi's IWT

Ok let's be voyeuristic for a bit…

I thought it’d be fun if we all shared what our most productive workdays look like. I’m really curious because I think some people are going to have super different answers.

Details to consider:

- What type of work are you doing?
- How do you keep track of your to-dos?
- How often do you check email?
- Do you use a timer?
- Meetings?
- How do you know you’re “done” for the day?
- How do you reward yourself?

I’m curious what your perfect workday looks like! I’ll share my own perfect workday in the comments, too.
... 展開收合



I love these comments! My perfect workday: Wake up with no alarm clock, 8 hours of sleep. Take a leisurely 1-2 hours to wake up and read in the morning (emails, social media, etc). Sit down with coffee and open up my calendar, which lists everything I have to do. Writing in the morning (while I'm creative). Calls in the afternoon, working out in the evening, then out with friends. Notes: - 2 hours for writing - 30-min calls, ideally with a break in between - Check my email throughout day but focus on the ones in my inbox (filtered), not everything that comes in

Looks like most everyone here doesn't have kids yet. I so wish I could sleep 8 hours AND get my side business done. But for now, my currently perfect work day starts with me getting up at 5:30 so I have an hour to write (I'm a children's book author). 6:30-7:00 I wake up my little ones, prep school lunch and eat breakfast around 8:00. Reading + math + writing for my oldest, then drop off at school. Twice a week for 2.5 hours my little one goes to preschool. After racing home after drop off I use these 2 hours to write. After pickup of my 2-year-old, we have a quick lunch. Nap time is from 12:00-2:00. I teach accounting and finance to grad students at a university (long distance). So this time is set aside for my office hours. After nap time I premake dinner. Pickup for my oldest is at 4:00. From there, we go directly to his extracurricular activities, taking the little one with us, of course. We get home around 6:00 pm, eat dinner, give them a shower. Bedtime is at 7:00 for my 2 year old and 7:30 for my oldest. From 7:30-8:30 I have another virtual office hour for my students. After that I finally get to spend some time with my husband. After he goes to bed around 9:30, I get to work on my side hustle, including course work for ZTL, IM, GKGC until I go to bed at 1:00 am. I cannot wait for my little guy to go to preschool 5 times a week. That'll give me an extra 2 hours every day!!!! Love reading about everyone else's perfect day! I'll get there again eventually!

Perfect workday: Wake up at 5:30, and spend an hour: - Drink a tall glass of water - I've been dehydrating myself for 8 hours, after all (completely kills any grogginess) - Crafting & savoring a lovingly made cup of coffee (and making one for my wife) - Reading my Bible. - Praying about things I've already decided are important to pray about. - Run through Affirmations (Things I'm reminding myself are true) - Take 5 minutes just to be grateful. - Make a short list of "spontaneous" concrete actions I can do to show my wife that I love her today. - Review the summary from last week's "Week-In-Review" to check myself and my commitments & priorities. - Check Calendar Then I start working at 7, and my ideal day involves: - Creating something beautiful - Solving a problem permanently, or making tomorrow's goals easier. - Helping a person overcome a concrete problem And I leave at 4, then go home and pour myself into my wife and children. I cook with them, I play games with them, read books, eat dinner together, and once a week we have a huge movie-night event. Go to bed exhausted, totally spent in the enjoyment of a great life.

Fascinating (with Spock-like eyebrow raise) Perfect workday: 🏋️‍♀️ Up at 5:30- outdoor workout or weights for 45 minutes 🍳 Get breakfast & lunch for kids/hubby 9:30 kids at school & shower 🎤Record video, write/update blog or prep for live presentation 12:00 Lunch date with hubby (or homemade) 🐶 Write or follow-up until dog whines for her walk 😌 Meditation 🚗 School pick-up, snack & homework 🍽 Hubby cooks delightful curry 👊 Hobby time (dance, fitness, reading, crafts) 8:30 Kids to bed, cuddle time with hubby 10 Bed

My idea of a perfect day has changed recently. If my house does not get burned down, I'm good. If I don't have to evacuate, I'm very good. If I have electricity and running water, I'm super good. If I am ready to stand up to the looters and fake police roaming the neighborhood, I feel strong. Air purifier, check, emergency bag, check, a distant futon with my name on it, check. If I'm able to sleep at all then my life is absolutely fabulous. So yeah, I'm happy for another day.

perfect work day starts with the night before, Get a restful night sleep (which is fleeting, these days) Wake up and get kiddos off to school, head to the airport for work, do some light paper work, maybe a reservation or two, get assigned a flight to an out station, quick and easy Prep the plane Prep the passengers Take off break bounds of earth Return to earth about an hour away The. Return back to home airport Just in time to should and lock everything up for the day Dinner on the grill Good company good food and wind down again.... I fly commercially for a regional airline in the lower 48 of the United States

I am a mom and I juggle a few streams of income. I provide sales and team coaching support for transformation leaders that I believe in, and I am also a relationship building coach with my own clients. The main ways that I keep track of my to-dos is with google calendars and a notebook with a master list and a prioritized daily list. I have found that if I am looking at more than 3 or 4 priorities at a time, I become overwhelmed.

My perfect workday, as in the most productive everyday scenario: I'd start off with Keto breakfast to fuel for concentration. Drop off the kid in daycare. Do my workout early Have my important 6 mapped out from the day before, and revisiting them to get a visual glance of my day. Touch it once, have people I work with save together the things they can't resolve without me, so we can work through them without distractions, or get distracted by them. Have specific times set out for calls emails and social media to keep them geologically related to save time and deal with them in a structured way. My schedule is usually best if it's flexible but not vague. Meetings are to the point and focus is on the outcome or results we're holding it for. when I've achieved all 6 on my list, it's a day well spent, and I'll take my wife and son out eat some nice food and have a glas of wine

Perfect workday is when I know the project I’ll be working on for the day. Usually list a handful of todos as reminders not to forget things. Glance at email notifications, if it’s an email I’m expecting, I read and respond right away, otherwise, it’s done at the end of the day. Meetings are kept short to 30 minutes or less unless it’s a client / opportunity meeting, then I leave those open ended. Done for the day means I’ve right out of time or completed the project. Which ever comes first.

My ideal workday is four hours instead of 8. I’d wake up with my alarm at 7. Roll out of bed, do three sun salutations (5 minutes total), use the bathroom and brush my hair, put the kettle on, and wander outside to say good morning to the animals. Then I’d make my tea and grab cereal, take it into my home office and CLOSE THE DOOR. Immediately I see the task schedule I made for myself yesterday. Do at least an hour of creative work (copywriting or design) before even turning my WiFi on for the day. Then, around 8:15, I’d take a break to collect, cook, and eat eggs with my son. Then I kiss that sweet baby on the head, and go back into my home office and CLOSE THE DOOR at 9am, trusting my husband to take care of the baby until noon. I check and respond to email and have all my meetings and make all my calls between 9 and noon. Then at 11:45am I have another alarm that tells me to wrap it up, no matter what’s still on my to do list. I review my outstanding items and short- and long- term goals (these are evolving lists posted on the wall) and decide what’s most important to accomplish next, and then make a task schedule for the next day. At noon I turn the WiFi back off and spend the rest of my day giving my full attention to the baby and the animals and the garden. My husband comes home in time for dinner. After we eat together and put the baby to bed, I have at least one hour of personal time during which I can hang out with my husband if he’s up for it— or read books (not websites) and write in my journal if he’s not— before I go to sleep around 10.

My perfect workday: Wake up with no alarm, feeling refreshed and ready for another day. Start the day off with a trip to the gym, a good breakfast and a bit of reading. I'll check my calendar, which shows me what to do - This will be updated by my assistant, so I don't have to think about what to do. Ideally, I'll have 2-3 hours of effective work. (Mainly writing and coming up with ideas for content/business). My work is done when there are either no more tasks to do or when 3 hours have gone by. Around 1pm I'll go out to eat with my wife and spend some quality time with her before the kids come home. If possible I'll also work on a hobby of mine and spend time learning new things (like a second language, a new skill etc.) When the kids come home my attention will be on them. Ideally, I'll have no meetings at all. I'll communicate with my team over email, which I'll only be checking twice a week. My team will handle all client communication and if there's anything urgent I need to respond to, they can send me a text message letting me know. I'll prioritize traveling with the family, ideally 1 month every quarter.

Perfect workday: I’ll get up at 6. Get my coffee and journal. Then depending on the day, either a quick cardio workout at home, or a 45 lifting session at the gym. That leaves me with an hour and a half to two hours to work on my side projects. Then it’s time for my full time job (working as a copywriter from home). Sometimes I’ll have lunch with a friend, other times I’ll just work through till 5. Then there’s another hour to work on side projects, an hour to chill, then dinner out with friends. For to-do’s, I have a weekly review on Sundays, and break those up into steps by weekday. Usually check email at lunch, then later after 5. How I know I’m done: I have 9 “general to-do’s” that make up a perfect day (working out, side hustle work in the morning, staying within my calories, etc). 3/9 is barely passing. 6/9 is pretty good. 9/9 is a perfect day all around 🙂 Some of those 9 to-dos are rewarding like going to the gym, meditating, being out with friends. And my weekends are left pretty unstructured.

It's something dark 30 and I get up after 7 solid hours and my mind is firing on all dopamine cylinders like a college kid on Adderall. I give Thanks and praise to God for another great day and the fact I am alive to live it. Let my actions and heart line up with His will in all I do today. I'm kickboxing but brand building in my mind. I hit my home office, slide into my comfy office chair (hey it's my perfect day so there is such a thing). Check computer for overnight emails. Address issues. Makes sure orders processed. Plan family vacation. Make sure kids get off to school. Plan family vacation. Pay bills. Take off to do volunteer work. Eat healthy lunch already prepared in fridge. Settle in to emails. Work to-do list based on quadrants. Make calls. Write copy. Research writing. Watch #growthlab Take a course like #zerotolaunch . Realize I can do better and be energized for tomorrow. Make dinner...the rest is gravy. #girlbosswin

These are great! My perfect workday (I run a small biz and work from home): 7 am Wake up after 8 hours of sleep Chat with my kids (10 & 12) while they eat breakfast and make lunches. ~7.40 am Get kids out the door to school Go for a 45 minute walk and listen to podcasts 8.30 - 9 am Focus on one thing that I don't want to do, usually involves paperwork. Get it out of the way. 9 am - 10 am Check Basecamp to see what my assistant (who lives in Milan) accomplished while I was asleep. Give her guidance if she needs it. 10 am Coffee! 10 am - 11.30 am Creative focus time. This could be a blog post, or it could be creating a client's custom itinerary. 11.30 - 12.30 Mindless following up that doesn't require creative energy. Ex following up w potential clients, chasing vendors who owe me $ etc 12.30 - 1.30 Lunch + another walk 1.30 - 3 Phone calls. Talking to other people energizes me so I try to schedule these in the after lunch hour when I am dragging 3 pm Meditate (Headspace) and then tea 3.30 pm Kids home from school, chat with them, see how their day was, get them going on snacks & homework. 4 - 5.30 pm Knock out a bunch of small things (examples: those emails that require a quick response; check social media platforms and interact w fans, hit publish on the blog post) Create to-do list of top 3 priorities for tomorrow. 5.30 pm Head into kitchen to clean up, touch base w kids, and start making dinner.

My perfect work day is one that goes exactly according to my schedule! That requires waking up at 6am, having my morning "power hour" where I dedicate an hour to the most important project or task of the day/week. I spend an hour on Instagram at 8am, then dive right into writing or whatever creative work I have to do. Check email while eating lunch at my desk. The afternoon is for calls, following up with clients/prospects/colleagues and admin-related stuff. I stop working at 4 usually to go to the gym, go home, spend another hour on Instagram, then either dive into personal projects, see friends/family or cook. My reward is doing whatever I want after my workout! I usually save what I'm looking forward to most for the evening when no one bugs me.

I work in a commercial bank so I wake up at 4.30am with the help of my alarm. Pray for about 5 minutes. Catch up with CNN for about 10 mins while sipping my lemon & lime warm drink. Take my bathe, prepare and leave for work at about 6.10am (it takes about 1 and half hours to get to work on a good day and I drive all through this journey). Check through my to-dos and pick them based on priority for the day. Go through emails (this happens intermittently through the day). Mondays are usually not my meeting days. Meetings are pre-arranged and usually last between 45 minutes to an hour and can occur any day from Tuesdays to Fridays. Take my lunch in the cafeteria at about 1.10pm. Reach out to family while at lunch/Check my child's teacher (on phone) to monitor his development. Continue the routine work. Follow up with clients and colleagues on outstanding deadlines. Ask my subs for update on tasks, prepare my reports. Respond to pressing issues/mails and cross the to-dos and finally leave at about 5.55pm. Getting home takes another 2 hours or more. Relaxation with family continues and i sleep at 10.30pm😊

A calm morning with being able to really wake up properly and not being rushed out to do 'x'. Ideally earlier than most because for a minute or an hour it almost feels like this world was perfectly made for me. A city brings in a lot of noise and distraction so being able to silence the noise or Atleast differ from this is a gift. Send my loved one 's a text, since most people don't answer their phones unless it's an emergency or something really important but a simple have a 'great day' is important nowadays. Letting the world unfold according to how I envisioned it yesterday. Ride the wave is what I try to do everyday and life is the wave. Be simple at the approach and everthing is possible Seize the day and keep it Balanced.

My day begins at 3am when I get up take a shower have a cup of tea and slice of homemade bread then start my work out at 3.45, this lasts 1hour then I take my 2 Boxer dogs for a walk with my husband. We get back at 6 then I start doing my food prep for the day and any housework or laundry. I go food shopping at 8 as I buy fresh every day, get back at 8.45 then I start cooking for my catering business. Stop for lunch at 12.45 til 1.30 then I start working on my art business (I’m a pet portrait artist). Stop at 3.45 when I start preparing dinner. Once dinner is prepared cooked and washed up I start working at 6pm on the things I didn’t have a chance to do through the day like social media, emails etc. I stop about 7.30 when I usually read for half an hour. I look through some new menu ideas on my iPhone and then I go to bed about 9.30pm. This is what I call a great day which is every day😊

A day where I can be all over the place and still do a good job is a good day. But wake up energized, do some coding non-stop for two hours, stop for a espresso and a snack, talking to my partner about the next big thing to wrap up the morning is already a good start! Then in the afternoon finish what I started, write an article for my blog and share good stuff on social media. No stress, no wories, just building great stuff and to make it even perfect is to be able to deliver all of that to the clients on time.

On my perfect workday, I wake up refreshed after eight hours of sleep. It's 7 a.m. and I have breakfast with a cup of green tea and oatmeal while going over that day's to-dos in my head. As Boyfriend leaves the house about half an hour later, I turn on the laptop and get to work. I write non-stop until noon, when I eat delicious yet healthy leftovers from the day before. A perfect workday definitely entails no food preparation. During lunch, I check my Feedly and read an interesting article or two. I know it'll take me an hour or so to get back in the swing of things after, so I dedicate that hour to reading and answering emails. If there's a task in there I can get done in five minutes or less, I'll get it over with. All my to-dos for the day are outlined in my Passion Planner. In the afternoon, I work on a Big Project until Boyfriend gets home and we spend some time together after I've given my email another look. I'll have a light meal in the late afternoon so I'm good for an evening full of dance classes and as this is my perfect workday after all, I'll have tacos after 😀 On my perfect workday, I don't have to deal with calls and I manage to not check Facebook once. I'll engage with my community on social as I wait for dance class to start but don't need to worry about scheduling things as my assistant took care of that. I'm done for the day when I drew a big black line across everything on my planner 🙂 Getting sh*t done IS the reward.

My perfect workday, is knowing that my schedule has been written out the night before and everything on my list that has to be done ( my MIT's) get done without carryover ( with some exceptions)

My most productive workdays look like... - Waking up to my sunrise alarm clock at 5 a.m. after 7:15 hours of sleep - Drink a glass of water - Lift weights or go for a run - Cold shower - Enjoy my tea with a hot, hearty breakfast - Get to work 10 min early - Check emails/internal message board, make notes to prioritize tasks - Put on headphones to block out distractions - Do about 3 hours of coding - Spend the afternoon doing leisure activities, hiking with my dog, or tackling household errands - Do another 3-4 hours of work or studies in the early evening - Wind down in late evening enjoying dinner with my partner or friends Ironically, my average day looks more like trying to grind for 8 hours straight and being busy but not very productive because my brain is burnt out. On the days where I give myself permission to relax and go have fun for a few hours I accomplish more (and my output is higher quality, too).

This is fun: Here is what my "perfect" work day looks like: Up at 5:00 AM - 10 minutes of HeadSpace - Breakfast - Walk the dogs - Maybe a cup of coffee - Gym by 6:15 - Showered and (working from) home by 8-8:30 - Next 3 hours spent responding to emails, widdling down my ToDo list - Lunch - Time to explore new projects at work or for myself - Fun, creative work - where and when I can find it with my job - Dinner, rest - 6:30 - pursuing my personal hobbies or interests - 9 PM a little R and R in front of the TV, maybe read a little. Usually wind down, mind numbing nothingness. - 10 PM - sleep

I'm reading these and realizing how I don't have what a "perfect workday" would look like. The workday doesn't end for me, and I just keep pushing and I've never drawn the line for me. I'm a student, but there's still a way if I make it happen. With exception to that, I keep all my to-dos written down in a notebook, and then sort them into Asana. I leave nothing to memory, but rather my system. I check my email far too often, because of my multiple jobs and such. I use RescueTime to make sure I'm not goofing off on the Internet too much, and I turn on Do Not Disturb on my phone to limit that. Otherwise, I record how I spend my day and color code it on my calendar so I can see how I distributed my time. That requires some hardcore honesty though.

I'm a self-employed Harpist. My day generally begins around 7am, after 8 hours of sleep. I lay in bed & meditate (currently on #17/52 MIDL mindfulness in daily life meditation from Stephen Proctor, on the Insight Timer app). I do some warms ups to get my body ready to move, then I head out into the garden with a cup of tea in hand(weather permitting) from 8 - 10 (although today I blew off everything else I was going to do and gardened until 5pm, but I didn't garden mon or tues, so it balances out). Next up, a cup of broth, or breakfast if I'm hungry, and then I answer phone calls and emails. After that I launch into the 'working' part of my day, which is either practicing Harp, composing, recording audio or video of myself, or working on Marketing myself. I have a crazy rotating schedule that ensures I work in at least one of those areas each day, so that I can get through all of them over the course of a week. In general, I work in 45 minute sets, with a 15 minute break in between sets. During the break I go up and down the stairs a few times, do some squats, wall presses, or other form of movement, to counteract the sedentary stuff I'm mostly doing. Sometime between 4 - 7 I have Harp and Piano students, although it's a little different each day. When I'm done teaching I eat dinner, chill out, and aim to be asleep by 11pm. This is my Mon - Fri schedule, but it is always subject to change if I have a gig, or if somebody comes over for breakfast. I'm grateful to be able to say that I'm actually living my ideal schedule!

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Totally my demo. #Repost @zidanethepom
Learning new skills from mentors 🤓📚@timferriss
#Timferriss #tribeofmentors
#Zidanethepom #pomeranian #pomstagram #pomeraniansofinstagram #pomeranians #pomsofinstagram #pomlife #pomeranianworld #pomeranianlove #pomeranianpage #justpomeranians #pomeranianlovers #dog #pomeraniandogs #pompom
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Totally my demo. #Repost @zidanethepom
Learning new skills from mentors 🤓📚@timferriss
#Timferriss #tribeofmentors
#Zidanethepom #pomeranian #pomstagram #pomeraniansofinstagram #pomeranians #pomsofinstagram #pomlife #pomeranianworld #pomeranianlove #pomeranianpage #justpomeranians #pomeranianlovers #dog #pomeraniandogs #pompom



This has been a fantastic random theme! Dogs and ToM!

This book makes for the perfect bathroom reader at work!!

Tribe of Mentors is a great book!

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