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Vaughan Oliver has designed iconic album covers for bands like The Breeders, Pixies, and Cocteau Twins. This new book offers insight into his forty-year career and creative process. Help it get published: kck.st/2hCLldk ... 展開收合



Great Covers for great albums .

Seth Brahler

Paula Calvert

Juan P. Sierra

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Russell Brunson

Since the beginning of ClickFunnels, we have been pushing for the 2 Comma Club to be the standard or goal for anyone looking to open a funnel through ClickFunnels and it is happening FASTER than we ever imagined.

Is the 2 Comma club your goal? Comment below and give it a date, by what date will you be in the 2 Comma Club?

For the whole blog post check it out here: blog.clickfunnels.com/join-2-comma-club/
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Russell Brunson

We’d like to announce that we will be welcoming our very own InnerCircle member and eCommerce master Bryan Bowman to the FHL2018 Stage! Give it up for Bryan and grab your ticket now www.funnelhackinglive.com!

Bryan Bowman was an amateur golfer who became a millionaire selling products on Amazon. He now coaches 7 and 8 figure Amazon sellers on how to take their business to the next level. More importantly, he has discovered the secrets to helping Amazon sellers diversify their lead and product flow to help take their businesses to the next level.

He has become a Certified ClickFunnels Consultant and is using this skill set to work with entrepreneurs in more niches than just eCommerce. His years of experience have helped him navigate the eCommerce landmines and build a massively successful consulting business.

Don't miss the knowledge from Bryan, grab your Funnel Hacking Live 2018 ticket now >>> www.funnelhackinglive.com
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Grab your Funnel Hacking Live 2018 ticket now >>> www.funnelhackinglive.com

Congratulations Bryan! You are an inspiration!

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In London for the first time ever, and then this happens! I lose my voice the day before my keynote presentation!

Luckily, I had some amazing architecture and scenery to keep my mind off of things, but that didn't stop me from trying random remedies to try and fix the problem.

Was here for the inaugural Youpreneur Summit put on by one of my best friends, Chris Ducker. Chris has produced a game-changing event in the UK, and I'm honored to be selected to close the show. But, without a voice, that's going to be very hard to do!

This is part 1 of 2 from my London Vlog series. Make sure you stay tuned for next week's conclusion, and also be sure to comment and share the video if you enjoyed it! Thanks!
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And a new pesky sister making you drink pots of tea 😝

That will be the shock of our UK weather Pat! Hope you receiver your voice before you are due to give you speech. The advice they give to singers is to stop trying to talk altogether for as long as possible and to take honey and lemon which is supposed to be as effective as over the counter remedies <3

If you need any tourist tips give me a shout!

“UK entrepreneurs deserve something better.” — Chris C. Ducker

Great video Pat. If you love London half as much as i do you are a lucky fella. It's an amazing city. Your keynote was fantastic and emotional too. Thanks for coming. #youpreneursummit

Sooo great to meet you both. Chris C. Ducker, the event was amazing and as a Brit I'm so proud we have that kind of event here at last. Ticket bought for next year, can't wait already!

Your speech was worth waiting for. It was so nice to see you in London and say hi again after we gatecrashed your party en masse in San Diego this year 🙂

Welcome to the UK Pat Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn, brilliant video and I hope you have a great time. Looks like Chris Ducker is putting on a wonderful even much respect and congratulations. Get well fast.

Hey Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn! I lost my voice as a high school counselor the day before I had to start registering over 300 students for classes. I used text to speech software on my laptop but I think there's an app for that these days just in case you ever encounter this again and need to keep your voice protected before a keynote (hopefully not). Nice vlog. Thanks for taking us along on your journey.

Hi Pat... Anise liquor is great believe me 👍🏻 Another option, Roger Love is a Voice Coach. He worked with Tonny Robins and Brandon Burchard There’s also homeopathic remedies excellent for this... Blessings 😇😇😇😇😇

I watched Your popularity before your keynote...no wonder you nearly list your voice. your so beautiful chatting to everyone...and there was not a dry eye in the room with your story. Xx

Chalk it up to being cooped up in a cold airplane on your way over! The Youpreneur Summit sounds like an awesome event! Will have to get there next time!

You’ll be fine Pat. Good luck. Congratulations, Chris with the Summit. Have fun guys, wish I could be part of the experience. Thanks for being two awesome guys.

I know I shouldn't laugh, but Pat! This video is soooo good and funny:) Your Closing Keynote was top notch!

Homeopathy does wonders for this - Harley Street has amazing doctors of homoeopathy. www.dralicegreene.com/

It was great seeing you Pat - we’re still here seeing this beautiful city!

Looking forward to part 2 - as always great content

Great to see #YoupreneurSummit through your eyes! I'm looking forward for part 2. 😀👍👊

You did an amazing job Pat! Definitely, one of my favorite talks!

You did great Pat ! Thanks for an inspiring show

You are such an inspiration 🤙 Much love from Brazil 🇧🇷

Red telephone box? Dr Who? ROFL 😂- love the video! Glad you got your voice back!👍

Man what skills you have... That scarf throw!!!!

Luckily you still managed a great keynote Pat.

Great video Pat Flynn. Loved how you used the different music for the different antics.

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It's official! I was selected to deliver the closing keynote next year at Social Media Marketing World, one of my favorite events! This will be the biggest presentation of my life, and I'm already starting the work now to deliver something amazing. Hope to see you there! YAAAAYYY!!!🙏

Social Media Examiner
In this episode of The Journey, Michael Stelzner (founder, Social Media Examiner) faces the realities that things are not working and that he must embrace change in his marketing techniques and himself.
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On behalf of entire team over at Social Media Examiner I want to say how excited we are that Pat Flynn has accepted our offer to close out our event. We have full confidence he will rock the stage.

It’s in these rare moments that living all the way in Scotland makes me feel saaaad 😫Congrats Pat!

GO Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn Pat Flynn!!! I'm so excited to be there for your closing Keynote! Can't wait to have you BLOW MY MIND...as usual! <3 😀

Congratulations, Pat! You are going to rock that stage for sure!

Woo hoo, Amber Hawley and I will see you at ANOTHER conference!! Pat, are you following us? 😉

Congratsssss!!! When you say "next year" do you mean 2018 or 2019? Now I have to buy tickets!

Two of my favorite things in the world of digital marketing are coming together.

Congratulations! Way to Advance Your Reach! I'm sure you will crush it!

That's awesome. You've come so far from your early days on stage. Congrats!

Congrats! Pat - Will you be at Social Media Day in SD next year?

I will be there, and can’t wait!

Well done, im sure you will smash it 😁

Woohoo! I'll be there - can't wait to see it Pat 🙂 Congratulations!!!

#PatFlynn #MichaelStelzner , You guys coming to Colivingsummit

Wonderful! Wish I were closer. I guess I’ll need to wait until you’re in Maine again!

Huge congrats pat Pat Flynn! And looking beautiful Jess Lindgren 😊

Congrats, Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn! Looking forward to see you live in San Diego!

Who else loves online business

That's awesome Pat. Congrats. Well-deserved.

Well deserved!!! ❤️

So well deserved, many congrats 🙌😊

Congrats!! Super excited to hear it. 😀

Great choice!

Woot Woot!! 🙋🏼🎉

Yaaaaay congrats!

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1 month ago

Neil Patel

Some people take naps, but this is how I recharge. #namaste ... 展開收合



Nothing clears your head like meditation... and a big splash in the ocean!

Meditation is the best exercise to refresh your mind

Deep breathing is good for u

1 min of meditation is equivalent to 4 of sleeping time. 😉

@bigdealneil a little freaked out right now but that's ok 🙂 the big jolly Buddha in the sky and I are at peace.

you rest like Munrra from Thundercats 😀

lol gotta recharge for the new blog

ready for 1000 backlinks =)

Everyday i try to do maditation.....

Om Shanti!👍😊😊😊😊 Lets follow Peace !

ahahahh..very good!

I do both

have fun. neil 😃


Did i here a flush?

When did you start? I could have swore I heard you in an old interview say you didn't meditate. I was like "yeah, he will eventually, watch."

For muslim we are charging by sholat 5 times a day


Namaste. 😊




Namaste 🙏

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2 months ago

Neil Patel

You take a picture with Neil Patel and you get so excited you dirty your diaper. ... 展開收合

You take a picture with Neil Patel and you get so excited you dirty your diaper.



thats exactly how i invision my first pic with neil patel is gunna happen

Or maybe he thinks you look like a toilet

haha, by the who his he ?

How old is your baby? Ours is going on 16 months!

Neil, if I ever meet you in person I promise I will not take any pictures. lol

who is this lil cute boy?

Love that you are sharing glimpses of you rather than just your company... Thanks 😃

Some things make us all the same. Thanks for all the great help you give for free.

Note to self: If you ever meet Neil Patel, DO NOT let anyone take a photo! 🙂

LOVE the expression on that gorgeous babes face!

that would be me af, just saying 🙂

Neil got a lot to handle...😬 That excitement.

You need to visit India and do a session...

Remind me to get diapers if we meet and take a picture.

is this your kid? Neil Patel?

Awesome your little man 😀

So simple and so clean!!!

Looks like someone is a natural!!

That's why I don't wanna meet you! 😛

You probably scared the baby! 😉

Looking same both of u

Time to be a father?

So sweet pic Neil Sir

Happens every time 😉

Just too cute Neil!

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Holiday marketing pro-tip: Make people feel emotions.

Studies show that when your customers feel a specific emotion about something, they also feel that emotion about you!

If you can make someone cry or think about the past then you make them think about the future and bring them back into the present, you will increase your buyer’s perception of the length of their relationship with you.

The holiday season is the easiest time to humanize your brand with your buyers, so take advantage of it!
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Sam Middleton

Francis Ablola

Jeremy Schoolland

5 days ago


What do you do when your selling system isn’t scaling or generating ROI? You have to define your selling system’s goals.

(🔊 Perpetual Traffic Episode 123 🔊 Five Selling Systems to Scale Your Traffic Campaigns and Grow Your Business >> bit.ly/PTEP123)

John Grimshaw, DigitalMarketer’s Analytics and Data Manager, joins the Perpetual Traffic experts for a two-part episode that will help you understand the metrics to track so you can define your selling system’s goals and ultimately scale your campaigns and business.

In this episode you'll learn:

- The “eating the data vegetables” concept that will allow you to grow and scale your business and reach a new audience.

- Use the “Perfect Selling System Questionnaire” to determine the goal of your selling system so you know which systems to scale, which to optimize, and which to scrap.

- Why making money should not be the goal of every selling system (« and how breaking even can generate opportunity for business growth).

Download and listen to the full episode now! >> bit.ly/PTEP123
... 展開收合

What do you do when your selling system isn’t scaling or generating ROI? You have to define your selling system’s goals.(🔊 Perpetual Traffic Episode 123 🔊 Five Selling Systems to Scale Your Traffic Campaigns and Grow Your Business >> http://bit.ly/PTEP123)John Grimshaw, DigitalMarketer’s Analytics and Data Manager, joins the Perpetual Traffic experts for a two-part episode that will help you understand the metrics to track so you can define your selling system’s goals and ultimately scale your campaigns and business.In this episode youll learn:- The “eating the data vegetables” concept that will allow you to grow and scale your business and reach a new audience.- Use the “Perfect Selling System Questionnaire” to determine the goal of your selling system so you know which systems to scale, which to optimize, and which to scrap.- Why making money should not be the goal of every selling system (« and how breaking even can generate opportunity for business growth).Download and listen to the full episode now! >> http://bit.ly/PTEP123



Didn’t like the ‘run out of time’ ... so the actual content will be next week 😬👎🏻

Thank you for sharing...

You are very welcome

You are very welcome

Good job

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Facebook for Creators is here! Find out how to turn that amazing thing you do into an even more amazing thing. Tap here to get inspired and learn more: www.facebook.com/creators ... 展開收合



Hi someone logged into my facebook and changed my name to Josh Campbell, My name is Michael Shaffer not Josh, and now its saying it won't let me change it back. What can I do?

Help, our page administrator has left the company and did not leave a password. How do we change to a new admin?

We need your help in learning how to get ad breaks in our videos, submitting for original content, and meeting with anyone at Facebook who can help us. We have put everything we have into Facebook and I would really appreciate the help! Thank You!

Welcome to Facebook I want to inquire about something

I've one more question my question is, How to get verified badge on Facebook profile? Facebook

dear costumer of facebook, can you please to check your inbox of the page to answer me about from my question? thanks a lot!

How do i get fb on messenger, i have sent message but have not gor reply

Really having fun here, thanks

Hi good-morning! what is happening w/ Facebook pages? is only visible the last days post in most of the pages , but the rest is gone from all off them and I have check many pages there story's are gone .... is some maintenance going on?

I would to ask how to re-upload an ID to an account? It ask me to upload an ID for, I think verification purposes, but I uploaded a wrong one, how can I upload another? Every time I login it says "Unfortunately, you won't be able to access your account while we're reviewing these additional documents. We appreciate your patience, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can." What should I do?

To get access in branch, I've to log in my Facebook account which replies 'unknown error occur' what's wrong?

I am super excited about this. Thank you for the updates to Facebook Mentions!

Hello, Unfortuantely I was hacked and my name was changed on facebook. it will not let me change my name back for 60 days and it is really driving me crazy. can I get some help with this?

Hello help forget my pw

Helllo fb, I need you help but u just removed my post??!

Could someone help me change my name? I was trying to update my employer page and accidentally changed my personal name instead. Help! I don't want this name for 60 days

Love It Guys!!!!!! Great Job!!!

My ticker disappeared, it's not hidden, there is no option to hide/unhide it anymore, no arrow, no nothing. There is plenty of activity so that's not the issue. please respond, this is happening to a lot of people yet no one is responding in the help section.

I am very interested in doing this for my Page, however the “continue” button will not react upon me filling out the desired fields. I have a good following on Facebook already, please assist if you can.

This is the fifth day of being locked out of sending new messages. All I get back is how my feedback will improve things, but not how it's going to help me now. Do I believe there's a real person actually looking at these messages? NO! If a person was actually reading these things I'd be able to send messages again already. Facebook is playing Big Brother and not letting people do the things they need to do.

Loving the video! Thank you for highlighting us and all of these other incredible communities. Facebook really does bring people together!

Can I please have someone from Facebook message me so that I could report a scam that is affecting almost 200,000 people? This has to be shut ASAP and the "Report Scam" button is inefficient because it only allows me to block their page. The scam even includes a web page so it's fairly elaborate but the majority of the victims are coming from the Facebook pages. I need to message someone and explain the scam and the Facebook pages associated with it because many people will be victimized. Thanks!

Only for me Facebook no response why Facebook do like this please understand u disabled not only Facebook my memories u disabled please understand reply inbox

Team Facebook worst Ever n forever no reply for from.last 10 days who the hell u to disabled to our accounts

Dear Facebook, I cannot get into my settings page at all. Cannot go to my activity log, to help it just goes back to the main page. I'm writing here cuz I could not figure out any other way to try to get to you LOL please help

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5 days ago


Former Georgetown University student Febin wanted to give back to the people who take care of his campus and give them credit for all they do. So he created the Unsung Heroes Page. See more stories at www.facebook.com/CommunityVoices (www.facebook.com/communityvoices) ... 展開收合



It's so nice to see and hear good news.

I LOVE inspirational stories!!!.....Stories of miracles, stories like this!!!....I have GOT to share this!!!

What an awesome thing to do.

There are so many great people out there that we just don't appreciate. Thank you for this information.

This is definitely going to be a "pay it forward" moment/movement. Thank you FB. Nice job

I'm very proud that this young man graced my alma mater with his giving spirit and special view of the world around him.

This is a good thing you are doing Facebook!

Annalise Windsor an amazing stuff at Georgetown.

What the world needs now is more uplifting pieces like this. To let everyday people know they are valued.

Awesome!!! This story brought Me to tears!!

Fantastic! What a wonderful idea and what a thoughtful way to honor those who serve us consistently and daily without recognition.

This is what community is about...giving back and moving forward...together! Being appreciative of others is one of the benchmarks of greatness...thank you facebook for showing appreciation through this act of encouragement...you all are doing a stellar job!

I am so proud of this young man.

This is the first "ad" on FB that I truly enjoyed seeing. Thank you for a "bit of sunshine " in this otherwise cloudy time.

This is an awesome young man. He is making the world a better place.

Great idea of addressing this issue of acknowledging and being kind to all those around us ,especially those that are in the jobs of service. A simple thank you and a smile shows appreciation and kindness and brightens everyone's day. Love thy neighbor.😀❤️👍👏

This put a smile on my face. Thanks for sharing such an uplifting program.

Wonderful young man! Thank you for sharing!

That was just Awesome, his Mother should b so proud of him. Such a fantastic young man.

I can't get any response from fb since I received some insulting message from stranger and that stranger block me , there are no "report " buttons in messanger!

Proud of Febin Bellamy and his work sharing the stories of the many inspiring Unsung Heroes like Oneil. Hoya Saxa!

That's nice, but I am still stuck using my legal birth name, and none of my friends call me by my legal birth name, but you still force it on me. Sure would be nice to have my name match.

What an inspiration. Thank you for sharing.

plz check ur inbox plz I need ur help

You are such a Fine Young Man 👌🏼

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3 hours ago


Last chance to join the world’s biggest crowdsourced hunt for startups with Valuer, a new intelligent way to matchmake agile startups with corporates.

If you are curious about technology and startups, and you want to network with like-minded people, we have a ticket to Slush for you – but only if you are cool enough!

Apply today at jointhehunt.co/
... 展開收合

Last chance to join the world’s biggest crowdsourced hunt for startups with Valuer, a new intelligent way to matchmake agile startups with corporates.If you are curious about technology and startups, and you want to network with like-minded people, we have a ticket to Slush for you – but only if you are cool enough!Apply today at http://jointhehunt.co/

1 month ago

Ramit Sethi's IWT

Ok let's be voyeuristic for a bit…

I thought it’d be fun if we all shared what our most productive workdays look like. I’m really curious because I think some people are going to have super different answers.

Details to consider:

- What type of work are you doing?
- How do you keep track of your to-dos?
- How often do you check email?
- Do you use a timer?
- Meetings?
- How do you know you’re “done” for the day?
- How do you reward yourself?

I’m curious what your perfect workday looks like! I’ll share my own perfect workday in the comments, too.
... 展開收合



I love these comments! My perfect workday:Wake up with no alarm clock, 8 hours of sleep. Take a leisurely 1-2 hours to wake up and read in the morning (emails, social media, etc). Sit down with coffee and open up my calendar, which lists everything I have to do. Writing in the morning (while I'm creative). Calls in the afternoon, working out in the evening, then out with friends.Notes: - 2 hours for writing - 30-min calls, ideally with a break in between - Check my email throughout day but focus on the ones in my inbox (filtered), not everything that comes in

Perfect workday: Wake up at 5:30, and spend an hour: - Drink a tall glass of water - I've been dehydrating myself for 8 hours, after all (completely kills any grogginess) - Crafting & savoring a lovingly made cup of coffee (and making one for my wife) - Reading my Bible. - Praying about things I've already decided are important to pray about. - Run through Affirmations (Things I'm reminding myself are true) - Take 5 minutes just to be grateful. - Make a short list of "spontaneous" concrete actions I can do to show my wife that I love her today. - Review the summary from last week's "Week-In-Review" to check myself and my commitments & priorities. - Check Calendar Then I start working at 7, and my ideal day involves: - Creating something beautiful - Solving a problem permanently, or making tomorrow's goals easier. - Helping a person overcome a concrete problem And I leave at 4, then go home and pour myself into my wife and children. I cook with them, I play games with them, read books, eat dinner together, and once a week we have a huge movie-night event. Go to bed exhausted, totally spent in the enjoyment of a great life.

Looks like most everyone here doesn't have kids yet. I so wish I could sleep 8 hours AND get my side business done. But for now, my currently perfect work day starts with me getting up at 5:30 so I have an hour to write (I'm a children's book author). 6:30-7:00 I wake up my little ones, prep school lunch and eat breakfast around 8:00. Reading + math + writing for my oldest, then drop off at school. Twice a week for 2.5 hours my little one goes to preschool. After racing home after drop off I use these 2 hours to write. After pickup of my 2-year-old, we have a quick lunch. Nap time is from 12:00-2:00. I teach accounting and finance to grad students at a university (long distance). So this time is set aside for my office hours. After nap time I premake dinner. Pickup for my oldest is at 4:00. From there, we go directly to his extracurricular activities, taking the little one with us, of course. We get home around 6:00 pm, eat dinner, give them a shower. Bedtime is at 7:00 for my 2 year old and 7:30 for my oldest. From 7:30-8:30 I have another virtual office hour for my students. After that I finally get to spend some time with my husband. After he goes to bed around 9:30, I get to work on my side hustle, including course work for ZTL, IM, GKGC until I go to bed at 1:00 am. I cannot wait for my little guy to go to preschool 5 times a week. That'll give me an extra 2 hours every day!!!! Love reading about everyone else's perfect day! I'll get there again eventually!

My idea of a perfect day has changed recently. If my house does not get burned down, I'm good. If I don't have to evacuate, I'm very good. If I have electricity and running water, I'm super good. If I am ready to stand up to the looters and fake police roaming the neighborhood, I feel strong. Air purifier, check, emergency bag, check, a distant futon with my name on it, check. If I'm able to sleep at all then my life is absolutely fabulous. So yeah, I'm happy for another day.

perfect work day starts with the night before,Get a restful night sleep (which is fleeting, these days) Wake up and get kiddos off to school, head to the airport for work, do some light paper work, maybe a reservation or two, get assigned a flight to an out station, quick and easy Prep the plane Prep the passengers Take off break bounds of earth Return to earth about an hour away The. Return back to home airport Just in time to should and lock everything up for the day Dinner on the grill Good company good food and wind down again....I fly commercially for a regional airline in the lower 48 of the United States

My perfect work day is one that goes exactly according to my schedule! That requires waking up at 6am, having my morning "power hour" where I dedicate an hour to the most important project or task of the day/week. I spend an hour on Instagram at 8am, then dive right into writing or whatever creative work I have to do. Check email while eating lunch at my desk. The afternoon is for calls, following up with clients/prospects/colleagues and admin-related stuff. I stop working at 4 usually to go to the gym, go home, spend another hour on Instagram, then either dive into personal projects, see friends/family or cook. My reward is doing whatever I want after my workout! I usually save what I'm looking forward to most for the evening when no one bugs me.

Perfect workday:I’ll get up at 6. Get my coffee and journal. Then depending on the day, either a quick cardio workout at home, or a 45 lifting session at the gym. That leaves me with an hour and a half to two hours to work on my side projects. Then it’s time for my full time job (working as a copywriter from home). Sometimes I’ll have lunch with a friend, other times I’ll just work through till 5. Then there’s another hour to work on side projects, an hour to chill, then dinner out with friends.For to-do’s, I have a weekly review on Sundays, and break those up into steps by weekday. Usually check email at lunch, then later after 5.How I know I’m done: I have 9 “general to-do’s” that make up a perfect day (working out, side hustle work in the morning, staying within my calories, etc).3/9 is barely passing. 6/9 is pretty good. 9/9 is a perfect day all around 🙂Some of those 9 to-dos are rewarding like going to the gym, meditating, being out with friends. And my weekends are left pretty unstructured.

It's something dark 30 and I get up after 7 solid hours and my mind is firing on all dopamine cylinders like a college kid on Adderall. I give Thanks and praise to God for another great day and the fact I am alive to live it. Let my actions and heart line up with His will in all I do today. I'm kickboxing but brand building in my mind. I hit my home office, slide into my comfy office chair (hey it's my perfect day so there is such a thing). Check computer for overnight emails. Address issues. Makes sure orders processed. Plan family vacation. Make sure kids get off to school. Plan family vacation. Pay bills. Take off to do volunteer work. Eat healthy lunch already prepared in fridge. Settle in to emails. Work to-do list based on quadrants. Make calls. Write copy. Research writing. Watch #growthlab Take a course like #zerotolaunch . Realize I can do better and be energized for tomorrow. Make dinner...the rest is gravy. #girlbosswin

My perfect workday:Wake up with no alarm, feeling refreshed and ready for another day. Start the day off with a trip to the gym, a good breakfast and a bit of reading. I'll check my calendar, which shows me what to do - This will be updated by my assistant, so I don't have to think about what to do. Ideally, I'll have 2-3 hours of effective work. (Mainly writing and coming up with ideas for content/business). My work is done when there are either no more tasks to do or when 3 hours have gone by.Around 1pm I'll go out to eat with my wife and spend some quality time with her before the kids come home. If possible I'll also work on a hobby of mine and spend time learning new things (like a second language, a new skill etc.)When the kids come home my attention will be on them.Ideally, I'll have no meetings at all. I'll communicate with my team over email, which I'll only be checking twice a week. My team will handle all client communication and if there's anything urgent I need to respond to, they can send me a text message letting me know.I'll prioritize traveling with the family, ideally 1 month every quarter.

On my perfect workday, I wake up refreshed after eight hours of sleep. It's 7 a.m. and I have breakfast with a cup of green tea and oatmeal while going over that day's to-dos in my head. As Boyfriend leaves the house about half an hour later, I turn on the laptop and get to work. I write non-stop until noon, when I eat delicious yet healthy leftovers from the day before. A perfect workday definitely entails no food preparation. During lunch, I check my Feedly and read an interesting article or two. I know it'll take me an hour or so to get back in the swing of things after, so I dedicate that hour to reading and answering emails. If there's a task in there I can get done in five minutes or less, I'll get it over with. All my to-dos for the day are outlined in my Passion Planner. In the afternoon, I work on a Big Project until Boyfriend gets home and we spend some time together after I've given my email another look. I'll have a light meal in the late afternoon so I'm good for an evening full of dance classes and as this is my perfect workday after all, I'll have tacos after 😀On my perfect workday, I don't have to deal with calls and I manage to not check Facebook once. I'll engage with my community on social as I wait for dance class to start but don't need to worry about scheduling things as my assistant took care of that.I'm done for the day when I drew a big black line across everything on my planner 🙂 Getting sh*t done IS the reward.

A day where I can be all over the place and still do a good job is a good day. But wake up energized, do some coding non-stop for two hours, stop for a espresso and a snack, talking to my partner about the next big thing to wrap up the morning is already a good start! Then in the afternoon finish what I started, write an article for my blog and share good stuff on social media. No stress, no wories, just building great stuff and to make it even perfect is to be able to deliver all of that to the clients on time.

My perfect workday, is knowing that my schedule has been written out the night before and everything on my list that has to be done ( my MIT's) get done without carryover ( with some exceptions)

My most productive workdays look like... - Waking up to my sunrise alarm clock at 5 a.m. after 7:15 hours of sleep - Drink a glass of water - Lift weights or go for a run - Cold shower - Enjoy my tea with a hot, hearty breakfast - Get to work 10 min early - Check emails/internal message board, make notes to prioritize tasks - Put on headphones to block out distractions - Do about 3 hours of coding - Spend the afternoon doing leisure activities, hiking with my dog, or tackling household errands - Do another 3-4 hours of work or studies in the early evening - Wind down in late evening enjoying dinner with my partner or friendsIronically, my average day looks more like trying to grind for 8 hours straight and being busy but not very productive because my brain is burnt out. On the days where I give myself permission to relax and go have fun for a few hours I accomplish more (and my output is higher quality, too).

My ideal workday is four hours instead of 8. I’d wake up with my alarm at 7. Roll out of bed, do three sun salutations (5 minutes total), use the bathroom and brush my hair, put the kettle on, and wander outside to say good morning to the animals. Then I’d make my tea and grab cereal, take it into my home office and CLOSE THE DOOR. Immediately I see the task schedule I made for myself yesterday. Do at least an hour of creative work (copywriting or design) before even turning my WiFi on for the day. Then, around 8:15, I’d take a break to collect, cook, and eat eggs with my son. Then I kiss that sweet baby on the head, and go back into my home office and CLOSE THE DOOR at 9am, trusting my husband to take care of the baby until noon. I check and respond to email and have all my meetings and make all my calls between 9 and noon. Then at 11:45am I have another alarm that tells me to wrap it up, no matter what’s still on my to do list. I review my outstanding items and short- and long- term goals (these are evolving lists posted on the wall) and decide what’s most important to accomplish next, and then make a task schedule for the next day. At noon I turn the WiFi back off and spend the rest of my day giving my full attention to the baby and the animals and the garden. My husband comes home in time for dinner. After we eat together and put the baby to bed, I have at least one hour of personal time during which I can hang out with my husband if he’s up for it— or read books (not websites) and write in my journal if he’s not— before I go to sleep around 10.

Perfect workday is when I know the project I’ll be working on for the day. Usually list a handful of todos as reminders not to forget things. Glance at email notifications, if it’s an email I’m expecting, I read and respond right away, otherwise, it’s done at the end of the day. Meetings are kept short to 30 minutes or less unless it’s a client / opportunity meeting, then I leave those open ended. Done for the day means I’ve right out of time or completed the project. Which ever comes first.

My perfect workday, as in the most productive everyday scenario: I'd start off with Keto breakfast to fuel for concentration. Drop off the kid in daycare. Do my workout early Have my important 6 mapped out from the day before, and revisiting them to get a visual glance of my day. Touch it once, have people I work with save together the things they can't resolve without me, so we can work through them without distractions, or get distracted by them. Have specific times set out for calls emails and social media to keep them geologically related to save time and deal with them in a structured way. My schedule is usually best if it's flexible but not vague. Meetings are to the point and focus is on the outcome or results we're holding it for. when I've achieved all 6 on my list, it's a day well spent, and I'll take my wife and son out eat some nice food and have a glas of wine

This is fun: Here is what my "perfect" work day looks like:Up at 5:00 AM - 10 minutes of HeadSpace - Breakfast - Walk the dogs - Maybe a cup of coffee - Gym by 6:15 - Showered and (working from) home by 8-8:30 - Next 3 hours spent responding to emails, widdling down my ToDo list - Lunch - Time to explore new projects at work or for myself - Fun, creative work - where and when I can find it with my job - Dinner, rest - 6:30 - pursuing my personal hobbies or interests - 9 PM a little R and R in front of the TV, maybe read a little. Usually wind down, mind numbing nothingness. - 10 PM - sleep

Thanks for this prompt, Ramit! I think it’s so important to visualize before we can make it happen so thanks for providing a space to do this and share!My perfect day: -wake up after 7-8 hours of sleep (no alarm clock. I pretty much do this now) -coffee and read for an hour -creative writing/ journaling for 1 hour -Daily standup meeting with my business partner/wife to discuss our main focus of the day - 2 hours of deep work -lunch out with my wife -work on more admin tasks in the afternoon (ex. Emails, planning, calls) -creative work (1-2 hours) ex playing my guitar or drawing or learning something new. -plan next day -evening out with friends or family time

My day begins at 3am when I get up take a shower have a cup of tea and slice of homemade bread then start my work out at 3.45, this lasts 1hour then I take my 2 Boxer dogs for a walk with my husband. We get back at 6 then I start doing my food prep for the day and any housework or laundry. I go food shopping at 8 as I buy fresh every day, get back at 8.45 then I start cooking for my catering business. Stop for lunch at 12.45 til 1.30 then I start working on my art business (I’m a pet portrait artist). Stop at 3.45 when I start preparing dinner. Once dinner is prepared cooked and washed up I start working at 6pm on the things I didn’t have a chance to do through the day like social media, emails etc. I stop about 7.30 when I usually read for half an hour. I look through some new menu ideas on my iPhone and then I go to bed about 9.30pm. This is what I call a great day which is every day😊

I am a mom and I juggle a few streams of income. I provide sales and team coaching support for transformation leaders that I believe in, and I am also a relationship building coach with my own clients. The main ways that I keep track of my to-dos is with google calendars and a notebook with a master list and a prioritized daily list. I have found that if I am looking at more than 3 or 4 priorities at a time, I become overwhelmed.

Love this question, I believe it can be a reflection of how one truly wishes their day to be. Here goes for mine! I'll be as candid as I can.Wake up at 9, with sufficient sleep, feeling energized (I am not a morning person!). I am doing work that delivers value and impact to my clients (I am a real estate agent), I keep track of my to-dos via a planner (because I'm old fashioned, and I like seeing things being written down) with the help of some apps like Google Calendar to remind me of important events. I will check my email in the beginning of the day and along the day. Not using a timer, because I wouldn't have to. Meetings could be good but not too many a day or productivity will be drained. I know I'm done when I feel like I've exhausted my mind and have done the best I can, for each individual day. I reward myself by spending time with friends, family or some time at the gym.Among that, have time blocked out in my schedule to read (half an hour a day will do), watch/listen to a TEDTalk/Podcast/Sermon. Oh, and to work on my writing too (an hour or two each day), because copywriting is an invaluable skill and the best way to get better at it is to do it, consistently.Now THAT is my perfect workday. Thanks Ramit for getting me on that train of thought to think about my perfect workday. Love your materials and your emails, can't stop reading them and can't believe how entertaining they always are.

I'm a self-employed Harpist. My day generally begins around 7am, after 8 hours of sleep. I lay in bed & meditate (currently on #17/52 MIDL mindfulness in daily life meditation from Stephen Proctor, on the Insight Timer app). I do some warms ups to get my body ready to move, then I head out into the garden with a cup of tea in hand(weather permitting) from 8 - 10 (although today I blew off everything else I was going to do and gardened until 5pm, but I didn't garden mon or tues, so it balances out). Next up, a cup of broth, or breakfast if I'm hungry, and then I answer phone calls and emails. After that I launch into the 'working' part of my day, which is either practicing Harp, composing, recording audio or video of myself, or working on Marketing myself. I have a crazy rotating schedule that ensures I work in at least one of those areas each day, so that I can get through all of them over the course of a week. In general, I work in 45 minute sets, with a 15 minute break in between sets. During the break I go up and down the stairs a few times, do some squats, wall presses, or other form of movement, to counteract the sedentary stuff I'm mostly doing. Sometime between 4 - 7 I have Harp and Piano students, although it's a little different each day. When I'm done teaching I eat dinner, chill out, and aim to be asleep by 11pm. This is my Mon - Fri schedule, but it is always subject to change if I have a gig, or if somebody comes over for breakfast. I'm grateful to be able to say that I'm actually living my ideal schedule!

Fascinating (with Spock-like eyebrow raise)Perfect workday: 🏋️‍♀️ Up at 5:30- outdoor workout or weights for 45 minutes 🍳 Get breakfast & lunch for kids/hubby 9:30 kids at school & shower 🎤Record video, write/update blog or prep for live presentation 12:00 Lunch date with hubby (or homemade) 🐶 Write or follow-up until dog whines for her walk 😌 Meditation 🚗 School pick-up, snack & homework 🍽 Hubby cooks delightful curry 👊 Hobby time (dance, fitness, reading, crafts) 8:30 Kids to bed, cuddle time with hubby 10 Bed

A calm morning with being able to really wake up properly and not being rushed out to do 'x'. Ideally earlier than most because for a minute or an hour it almost feels like this world was perfectly made for me. A city brings in a lot of noise and distraction so being able to silence the noise or Atleast differ from this is a gift. Send my loved one 's a text, since most people don't answer their phones unless it's an emergency or something really important but a simple have a 'great day' is important nowadays. Letting the world unfold according to how I envisioned it yesterday. Ride the wave is what I try to do everyday and life is the wave. Be simple at the approach and everthing is possible Seize the day and keep it Balanced.

These are great! My perfect workday (I run a small biz and work from home): 7 am Wake up after 8 hours of sleep Chat with my kids (10 & 12) while they eat breakfast and make lunches. ~7.40 am Get kids out the door to school Go for a 45 minute walk and listen to podcasts 8.30 - 9 am Focus on one thing that I don't want to do, usually involves paperwork. Get it out of the way. 9 am - 10 am Check Basecamp to see what my assistant (who lives in Milan) accomplished while I was asleep. Give her guidance if she needs it. 10 am Coffee! 10 am - 11.30 am Creative focus time. This could be a blog post, or it could be creating a client's custom itinerary. 11.30 - 12.30 Mindless following up that doesn't require creative energy. Ex following up w potential clients, chasing vendors who owe me $ etc 12.30 - 1.30 Lunch + another walk 1.30 - 3 Phone calls. Talking to other people energizes me so I try to schedule these in the after lunch hour when I am dragging 3 pm Meditate (Headspace) and then tea 3.30 pm Kids home from school, chat with them, see how their day was, get them going on snacks & homework. 4 - 5.30 pm Knock out a bunch of small things (examples: those emails that require a quick response; check social media platforms and interact w fans, hit publish on the blog post) Create to-do list of top 3 priorities for tomorrow. 5.30 pm Head into kitchen to clean up, touch base w kids, and start making dinner.

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Tim Ferriss

Live Q&A -- ask me anything! -- in celebration of my brand-new book, Tribe of Mentors (tribeofmentors.com). Post your questions in the comments and I'll answer as many as I can.

Do you also want to receive a video on how I balance intense periods of work with recovery, specifically as it relates to my book launch for Tribe of Mentors?

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Do any of your podcasts address how to find one’s purpose and direction in life?

What activity do you think contributes the most meaning to your life?

Hey man I’ve always wanted to ask with somebody who has ADHD would you recommend the best way to focus all my energy so I can be more productive in my entrepreneurial aspects of my life

Discuss cartilage/joint health. Do you believe supplements such as glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, gelatin, oxtail, bone broth, etc. Is it really possible to rebuild cartilage or not?

I just started my first business and struggle with marketing. Its travel cycling tours for women. Small niche. Struggling to figure out social media for marketing. Especially Twitter.

For people who are eating keto and slow carb what are the best tricks for Thanksgiving when we may eat more carbs or sugar.

do you have any recommendation on building forgiveness in your life as far as letting go of past transgression, bad past relationships, or people who have wronged you? Forgiving yourself and others?

I work in the film industry Working 16+ hours per day. I struggle to get quality sleep and only 3-5 hours per night. Any tips too get the most out of the little sleep I do get?

What person that you have not met, would you most want to spend a day with and why? And who is the person that has influenced you the most in the past years?P.s. you're awesome man💪

Tools of Titans felt like an insane giant mile-long buffet of good ideas, but nobody can follow fifty "masters." How do you suggest anybody decides what single program or approach is "best" for them.

Hi from Indonesia!! Just wanted you to know that you have helped me a lot for my Personal and Professional growth. Been seriously learning Total Immersion and getting back in shape for Capoeira

That's why we have edges on coins. Roman times people would shave down the coins to get the extra gold silver etc. Fiat currency has been part of the reason every major empire has fallen.

You've had 2 TV shows now (The TF experiment and Fearless). What have you learned (if anything) that you think you'll apply either to new similar endeavors or something entirely outside of television?

Any new strategies or thoughts on saying NO that help you these days? Compared to maybe 3 years ago (for projects, investments etc)

How do you handle fear setting/worst case scenario practicing when you're not the only person affected? Like when you're a parent, primary earner for dependents, etc.

Got to go... I never could thank you for all your work and how much your books helped me. So this is the best moment ! Thank you Tim Ferriss

I'd love to host you on an India trip, would love if u consider providing counsel to our work at TheSkippingStone.com to help women escape human trafficking. [email protected]

What is the best way to gain energy, my wife is having trouble after hysterectomy and thyroid being removed due to cancer, very little enemy and stamina to get moving....

Tim my 24 year old and 16 year African American daughters read 4 hour work week and refers to it daily. Thank you for being awesome. They will never do plan A.

Do you still travel hack your trips and look for deals, or is it just a hassle for you to think about the cost nowadays, since you're a wealthy aristocrat now, lol.

I highly appreciate your persona, and recommend your perspective to many of my friends, especially when embarking on physical training. Thanks so much!

Hi Tim, if you had a home services business like moving and cleaning, I was wondering if you might have an innovative idea in order how to obtain leads!?

Hey Tim, me and the rest of the FL girls are wondering when you would be visiting us in Miami? We have acro, dancing, good weather and beautiful people... 💃🏽

26 years old, thinking about completely changing fields (from PoliSci to Architecture) for graduate school. Where do I get started?

dude you want to stop human trafficking then there's another reason to boycott the NFL. they have the most human trafficking for whoever posted that statement about trafficking

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