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8 hours ago


Tech Will Save Us is out to reinvent family game night with this programmable game console that’ll teach your kids how to code: ... 展開收合


I will never use KS anymore until the matter about the Union will be cleared.


3 days ago


This project by Kettle Ridge Farm is raising awareness of the plight of honey bees and the increasing populations of native, pollinator-friendly plants across the United States: ... 展開收合


Bees are essential but so are fair labor practices....therefore boycotting Kickstarter. AND will find other avenues to help save the bees.

I'm not going to kickstart anything again until staff are unionized!

You have now fired three employees who were involved in starting a union, who met all their quarterly goals, and you have provided no evidence to why their performance was inadequate. Do you believe this is appropriate?

Exploiting staff is obviously one of your core values! #unionize

No more support for kickstarter from me. I cannot support a company who fires workers for trying to organize. Shame on you!

Unions are pretty important too Kickstarter!

Treat your staff better.

Di you have any projects which are about raising awareness of the plight of non-unionised employees?

Kickstarter management: teamwork is very important Kickstarter employees: unionize Kickstarter management: not like that

I am really concerned to hear about your union busting.

I want you to write the Kinsey Millhone book Z is for Zero, please! I want you...!

Union busters.!!!

Why prevent the workers from unionising?

Union busters.

A beehive is basically a union...


Whats disgusting, Union Busting! I will not dupport your company until you reinstate the employees you've illegally terminated for trying to form a union.

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Used for the like, share, comment, and reaction icons

I just finished up with my first live lesson of the Launch Masterclass. And even though you’re supposed to keep everything super short… I gave over 3 hours of content and the folks stayed on until the very end. So how did I keep it up for 3+ hours without falling asleep on my feet? And for that matter, how did I manage to keep people’s attention for 3+ hours? This is what I did… ... 展開收合


Ist & 2nd Classes are very inspiring and spot on in terms of content. I actually launched my second offer of an in-person class for prospective Interior Design Clients. I have some ideas for how to expand this going forward into the future. THANK YOU!!!

Bonnie is amazing and that is my favorite case study so far b/c it is relevant to Interior Design and product design is something that I would like to persue. I'm looking forward to the replay to listen to the details of her story again. Thank you!

Hi I just watched your 1st Masterclass - thank you! You mentioned you'd add a couple more case studies to the concierge but I can't find them..? There was one you mentioned at the end - a sex therapist moving from 1:1 sessions to courses. Could you share the link to that please? Thank you!

Buyers list is 15xs more valuable....

This is the only place it allows me to comment.

Bla bla bla, nothing concrete

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It’s the final week before we kick off my LIVE Launch Masterclass, and I’ve got a bit of a dilemma. I just got done recording two dozen case studies, and… they’re all AMAZING. I kinda want to share all the stories, but right now I’ve only got space for 12. So now I’ve got that to figure out (and there are a few other “good problems” to solve)… and this week’s video is all about what’s on my mind with just a few days left before I go live with the Launch Masterclass.

(By the way, you can register for the Launch Masterclass for free at this link:
... 展開收合


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4 hours ago

Russell Brunson

How are you using “lives” on social channels? 🤔

Most people talk about their products or expertise when they go “live” on social media… and I think they are doing it WRONG!

Tag someone who uses social media for their business 👇
... 展開收合


Ken Durham and Heather Baker Durham you guys ate masters when it cones to this..

5 hours ago

Russell Brunson

On September 23rd it's ClickFunnels 5th Birthday and we have some HUGE announcements! Let me just say that with these announcements, everything is possible and nothing is off the table. MAKE SURE you click "get reminder" below and get ready for the excitement! ... 展開收合


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I might explode! 🤯 @caseyneistat and @mrbeast at #vidsummit2019 in LA this October, an event you will not want to miss if you are a video creator. This event was the birthplace of the @switchpod_, too! Superrrr stokkked for this! ... 展開收合

I might explode! 🤯 @caseyneistat and @mrbeast at #vidsummit2019 in LA this October, an event you will not want to miss if you are a video creator. This event was the birthplace of the @switchpod_, too! Superrrr stokkked for this!


Awesomeness! Can’t wait! 🤠

Awesome!! You definitely know your stuff, and give so much value to people! Keep being genuinely you! That's why we love you! So pleased for you!

should invite Sorelle Amore to this event. I recon she would be perfect for this 🙂

Maybe next year 😊 Video is my new thing to conquer!

I really want to go, but it’s not gonna happen this year...but I will have the live stream and replays!!!

Why do you steal the batches from the other two??? 😉 :p check this out to earn great passive income! Still ongoing!

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Went into a local Barnes and Noble to sign one of my books and put it back on the shelf, and this note from my dad was on the inside of it already. 😭 I’m gonna cry. I ❤️ my dad so much! ... 展開收合

Went into a local Barnes and Noble to sign one of my books and put it back on the shelf, and this note from my dad was on the inside of it already. 😭 I’m gonna cry. I ❤️ my dad so much!


That is so cool I’m so many levels. I’d cry to. My dear dad is gone now so enjoy every moment you can Pat. You are a son to be proud of.

You are very fortunate to have such a wonderful father!❤

Such a wonderful blessing!

Cherish it. I remember the moment a couple of years ago when it hit me that my dad was no longer here to be proud of my accomplishments.

Amazing Dad!

That's BEAUTIFUL! ❤️ I received my copy today in 🇦🇺 - expect to be up late tonight!!

That's the love of dad !

Hey Pat, I'm reading your book and I blame you for making me stay up WAY longer than planned. Awesome book, thank you! (and kudos to your lovely Dad!)

Your dad is awesome!

That is priceless! How awesome for you to find that note!!! Love this 🥰👏🏼

That’s really amazing that your dad does this. Really, awesome. 🙌🏼

Wow, that is fantastic. Unbelievable. Great dads, make great dads.

This has to be one of the most amazing things I’ve seen in quite some time. I admire and respect you very much, but my opinion of you for that act of awesomeness, and your dad, just went WAY up. You deserve all the success and more

That is so awesome! What a moment!

Makes me want to cry. So much love.

WoW it’s amazing to have that kind of support

Wow!! That’s wonderful!!

How cool is your Dad!

That is so sweet!

what a wonderful surprise!

This is so sweet

That’s awesome. Love it.

That's so awesome!

Aw, Pat this is amazing ❤️

This is amazing in so many ways!

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Used for the like, share, comment, and reaction icons

2 days ago

Neil Patel

Do you want to rank high on Google but hate writing content on a regular basis?

If you dread all the research, writing, editing, and polishing involved in writing new blog posts, fear not.

There’s a specific process you can follow if you want to rank without writing new content.

Here’s how.
... 展開收合


Sir, a great informative video as usual. From where can we get access to all your podcasts related to DM?

Great tips. So many people are struggling with this.

Great and informative sir

Thank you Neil <3

Thanks a lot

Great tips

If your answer to the first question is yes, you’re in the wrong business.

Thank you Neil Patel

Kashmala Humayun

Thx 🍾


Kiran Aslam

Rudra Madia

Amit Shilotri

Wayne J. Cosshall


kya bolte ho bhai samjh me ni aata kaha wala english bolte ho aap

Jonny bhai kese ho ?

Great tips. So many people are struggling with thisGreat tip

Neil with guest posting do you let the writer to link back to their own site? If so do you follow or no follow or other?

Neil with guest posting do you let the writer to link back to their own site? If so do you follow or no follow or other?

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Used for the like, share, comment, and reaction icons
Used for the like, share, comment, and reaction icons

2 weeks ago


... 展開收合


For many years FACEBOOK had been the part of my life. It is really incredible the people that we have not seen for years our friends, relatives reconnected again. I feel grateful for you. THANK YOU FB !.

I met my fiancée on Facebook, so thank you Facebook for letting me live my best possible life 🙏🙌❤

Thank you Facebook for being so caring!!

So happy that I joined FB - it brought me closer to the far world & Family & Friends also I got to know how to spell some words & my grammars got much better! Thank you Team 😁

So happy that I joined Facebook 😊

love your new cover... but i need your help i have tried everything here's the problem on my personal page when i post i can see it but no one else can. will you help me...

Very grateful to you Facebook for letting us come together

this is my account and I can no longer access it, please help me how to recover my account

And the problem now Facebook.everytime I open my contributions from my notifications.Something went wrong appear🤔😫 I'm only asking if what is the purpose of our badges and why I can't see it last 2 days ago.🤔😥 I love Facebook as well. It helps me in my everyday lives. Connect with my love ones,family,relatives and friends And I enjoy exploring social media until I become one of your Facebook editor!But why this Something Went Wrong came out in my notifications? I know you can help me. Thank you and God Bless for making Facebook better!

Facebook, I for the past two months I had never received messages

hi how can i access my old account.... because i don't have any access those emails and phone number, my emails was block because i forgot my password, my number was totally lost....please help recovered my account.... i hope you will help me.. thanks

Facebook For The Past 4days I Cannot See My notifications On my facebook mobile

My friend account can't log in.She needs a trusted contact person to verify her identity. However, only two people are still using the account number displayed on the screen, and the other three may not be used again. What should I do to help her login to her account?

Facebook, I had an account with you but forgot it's password so I couldn't open my account. Now I want to deactivate this account but how??

hi facebook, my account has disable without any reason, i have appeal many time with my ID PASSPORT VISA CARD but facebook no respond at all

I have problem to verify my Facebook account please help me

Good evening Facebook I have a problem with username (url) I have an account that has been disabled for a long time and I want only username (url) Can I?

i am having trouble logging into my account for now 4 weeks, i need some attention and help please

hey facebook my old facebook has been hacked and i made a new one. but now I can't access my pages anymore how do I solve this?

Has facebook change the main page look I have issue on it my old account still has old look and other account it is completely change ???

I Need My Facebook Verified Account How?

i can only see 1 picture when i add 8-10 pictures to my facebook store, how can i solve this problem

Facebook is now much more secure with this new settings but i need profile lock first time i unknowingly rejected it but now i got the option but its just loading please help

Fb is for reuniting friends from long times ago

I am the editor of a page. The administrator account of the page I'm editor has been disabled. On that page now only the editor account.You need to convert the Editor account into admin account. Can you help me with how to change that.

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3 months ago


It’s Cat World Domination Day, and the Facebook Group 'This Cat is C H O N K Y' wants you to know: it's a cat's world and we're all just living in it. ... 展開收合

It’s Cat World Domination Day, and the Facebook Group This Cat is C H O N K Y wants you to know: its a cats world and were all just living in it.


how to make Facebook page blue verification??? but your Prosesing not working

I want to register my account for blue tick,what should i do??

I can't see any message content in the content area. Those are blank. what is the problem.

Matt Gamache Your Birthday is on Cat World Domination Day!! I couldn’t imagine a more blessed day to have a birthday.

Oh I've been using profile pic with cat for years😻

My Facebook live is not working

And they make it a sweeter world with their purrrfect attitudes 💕

Wow what a meowtiful picture facebook 🤗

Dogs rule and cats drool... Hahaha (quote from Homeward Bound)💞😂🐶🐺🐱

Hi, why my fb keep on auto close / crash on my iphone x? I have delete and reinstall for a few time but still the same. Pls help.

Hello Facebook There is a bug in the Facebook system We can not add a person to the official Beige to accept the invitation and the arrival of notifications to me when one of the people to comment on the publication or picture I hope to address this imbalance as soon as possible

Why some facebook photos on my android are black and some of them i see? ?? I reinstalled and still the same problem! On my laptop everything is fine just on the phone i have the problem!

My Facebook account has been disabled mistakenly by Facebook security system . I tried my best to reactivate my old account but never get it back ?

Facebook. You didn't get the memo. Texas is a 🐕 doggie state🇺🇸🤘😀✌

Cat lovers are happy

i have been blocked from sharing posts and writing comments on selling groups.why???as i am a seller or as i have a sell page...i need to post in groups and other places to enlarge my sell orders.

I had to check the page if it was legit. Im not disappointed.

Can you help me please Facebook I own facebook page and I accidentally deleted myself as admin while trying to switch it to business account. i have the screenshots proving that its mine-can you help me to recover myself as admin Please It’s very important Thanks

Hi, the page of our official account can't create posts since 2 weeks ago, we don't know what cause the issue, could you help to check. That would be appreciated if you could recover it as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.

I am trying to send friend request to my brother Syed Umar Bokhari, lives in Melbourne. I am unable to send friend request. Please resolve the issue

HELP me How i Recover self disable Facebook account please tell me simple method please

Hi why i cannot add photos on my existing album and cannot make a new album?

Trying to find a Report Spam button..

Hi, Facebook team. I need a help on closing fan page. I'm dont have the fan page Admin account and password to login. Need your help to close it out. Urgently

Hello. I have 2 messages in message requests.. I have blocked the uses that send me the messages but i cant delete them... Why? Can you tell me how i can delete them?

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Used for the like, share, comment, and reaction icons
Used for the like, share, comment, and reaction icons

4 months ago

Ramit Sethi's IWT

The new edition of my book, I Will Teach You To Be Rich, is out today!

It's fully updated, including 80 new pages on:
- New accounts & tools, including what I use for banks, credit cards, and tools
- New insights on money & psychology and love & money
- Amazing stories of people who used the book to create their Rich Lives

Let's have some fun today! Ask any questions about money and I'll try to answer. Tag a friend who should join in.
... 展開收合


If I've automated my retirement planning and savings and have now saved $10,000 - what should I do with that extra $10,000? How should I invest it (assuming that's the suggestion).

I noticed that one of your rules is to keep a year's expenses in cash. Is that code for savings or are you literally hiding a mattress somewhere?

RAMIT is live what what what!!! looking forward to the book. how different is it from the first edition. I listened to that on audio ages ago.

Just picked it up on - glad you narrated it yourself. Just finished my first book - prompted me to always buy others new books when they ask. It’s a feat. Nice work, R.

I <3 LOVE <3 your site, Ramit, because of your brutal, no-nonsense honesty about money and the common sense with which you approach life, in general.

=> Do you have a recommended list of ETFs, REITs and Bonds? Just finished the first version of your book last week without knowing v2 was coming haha

For those who previously purchased your book in digital format, is it possible to access the updates without having to buy the book again?

Hello, Ramit, a new follower here. My question about money is: what advice would you give someone who is strongly into starting a business but with no real budget?

Buying my young adult kids each a copy of your book today and one for myself! Love your plug and play techniques for financial success and your sense of humor!

Do you think you and your partner should be on the same page regarding ALL financial decisions? What about an expense that one considers unworthy but is important to the other one's idea of a rich life?

Love the balloons. Can’t wait to read this when it arrives. Your first book changed the course of my life.

New edition is already #1 in the personal finance section on Amazon -- I think live hot wings may be the new key to a launch success!

What is your balloon budget? Congrats on the new book.

I currently have all of my retirement money invested in target date funds because I know that keeps me diversified and reflects the larger market returns. Question is: am I playing it TOO safe this way?

35 years old - married with 2 kids (2 & 4) with no long term savings currently. What would be a wise, low maintenance investment to start with? IRA, 401K, hedgefund?

Any money idea that you held 10 years ago when the fist edition came out, that you no longer hold, or found out was wrong?

Love you! Thank You! Bought your book before the prelaunch..Already told two people....

I've read a lot about how to talk to your partner about their debt. What about when your partner is very wealthy, and you are not? What questions should you ask them then?

I also <3 LOVE <3 your book rule; I just spent $80 at the book store this afternoon! 😀

favorite hotel in NYC? coming up in June for work - have already stayed at the peninsula, Langham, plaza, and Pierre

You'd mentioned in a recent post that you pay cash for large expenses, why not use credit cards for those expenses, so you can get points as well? (then you can use the cash to pay off the card)

What are your thoughts on investing when it comes going beyond a 6 figure job and moving into your own business, do you scale back savings, do you leverage credit cards or other vehicles for the initial money needed?

Thanks for all the great advice Ramit. Have been following your material for years, and it's done me good.

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