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What you can learn from Kristen Tomlan's success. ... 展開收合

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What happens when you cram a bunch of hungry entrepreneurs and a couple cameras in a bus? How about a free-for-all Q&A session (equal parts serious and silly). Check it out... ... 展開收合




When you wake up in the morning, you have a choice... you can have an average day, or a great one. Here’s what I do every morning (okay, most mornings) to set myself up for success. ... 展開收合

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Russell Brunson

No matter where you are at in your journey - YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO OFFER!

Something you know, something you do, something you can teach. You are already an expert.

So, what is your something? 💭📝
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No matter where you are at in your journey - YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO OFFER!
Something you know, something you do, something you can teach. You are already an expert.
So, what is your something? 💭📝



I'm trying to figure it out

Can you have two submarkets in a business? Aren't there more than three markets outside the expert business model? Example I have a junk removal business targeting young people that can start a business with little or no money and also people that are moving with little to no money out of pocket

Always remember you are powerful and wonderfully made anething is possible in this life. ......

Right to be discovered!!!🖐🤗😎

To be discovered yet...

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Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn

It’s LIVE! My first ever Kickstarter campaign to celebrate 10 years since getting laid off, and the first print run of the hardcover edition of my book, Let Go! This story was written to inspire and motivate, but it’s now being designed and printed to be a constant and bold reminder to you to always LET GO - the one thing we must all do to grow. The campaign also includes reward levels for things I’ve never done before, like a group day with fans, and even a VIP ticket to my first ever conference! Back the project at SmartPassiveIncome.com/10years, or click on the link in the bio! Thank you all for your amazing support! ... 展開收合



Yeah Pat! Congratulations!! so exciting!!

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Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn

It's almost been exactly 10-years since getting laid off! 😃 I celebrate my "Let Go Day" every year, but this year I'm doing something special. Taking a break from the planning process to say hi and answer some questions! Come join! ... 展開收合



I am getting a little freaked that I’ve been at the online business thing for years and still havent been able to make a huge impact. Any advice on deciding whether or not to pivot to something else?

How long did it take for you to be confident in your new ladder/ line of work?

Left my 9-5 job (i was sick of it) 6 years ago to become a travel blogger. And you, you Pat, were amongst the people I was following that helped me jump over the fence.

As I mentioned in my Let Go video submission, I quit a job I had from the age of 16 to 23 in a hospital to do what I love and was meant to do. I had worked my way up in the hospital job through 3 different departments, but I was booking more shows and making more money at it than I was at the hospital. It was scary to quit, but I knew it was then or never. Someone mentioned that my dreams were getting in the way of my job. I told them that my job was getting in the way of my dreams.

I am pivoting my role to mix it up working with a massive agency permanently and doing my own stuff - I've been working my own stuff for about 12 years - 10 years on my own since sept 2008. I had other bits on the side here and there, I got very lucky always, this pivot will be huge for me - Its a huge role and I've no idea where it will take me but its huge for me and the agency.

Time really flies. Already 18 years in corporate. Have been doing here and there in online business. But am not there yet to be able to get out from corporate. Hope I can do it. Pat, you are awesome. Totally inspired by you.

I've been self-employed and on my own since leaving my full-time job last July. I've never been in a better position as I'm learning entrepreneurship and investments. Been following Pat way before I took the step into let go´ness.

Yo! Congrats! And you've inspired the heck out of me - my affiliate revenue is through the roof because of the things you taught me. 🙂 So, thank you!

congratulations Pat on this milestone...you are one of 'the good guys" on the net and couldn't be more pleased for your success for you and your family. Thanks for all your inspiring stories you shared and continue to share..

Hey Pat, Thank you for the inspiration, I am planning for the end of my military contract and can see that online is the way I am heading; but have not identified my thing yet. But I will succeed 😁

You've been such an inspiration for me. First live Ive attended. Good luck with everything you do. I left my corporate jobs to go fulltime in modeling and now I coordinate several girls and make a living.

Thank you for the inspiration 🙂 1. What’s your top way to inspire people to buy affiliate products please and 2. find affiliates please?

Ahoi Hello from Manchester UK, long time fan Pat - nice to see you live for first time in a while usually miss these things!

Moving down the corporate ladder to focus more on my passion.

I'm so high on my ladder, but I'm completely changing fields. Scary but exciting!

How to start for newbe ? Could you share all thous things in step by step ? thanks you .

Hay Pat, isn't it amazing what 10 years can do 🙂

Can you be more specific on what major actions you took that weren't "playing it safe"?

That’s profound: we grow incrementally but we cannot think incrementally. Thanks!

Leaving engineering to start an insurance agency.

And he also said “The thinking that got you here won’t get you there” 🙂

Heya Pat - do you have any recommendations for Amanda Bocchi getting paid speaking gigs? She was an opiate addict for 10 years and is currently recording her album. www.amandabocchi.com/pledgemusic

I buy copies of your books for clients 😀

Looking forward to it. Thanks for all your hard work!!!

Hi Pat - I am 6 feet from gold and 6 feet from giving up 😉

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Neil Patel

You're not going to grow your business without hiring people.

But hiring the wrong people will hurt you.

Making sure people are qualified to do the job isn't enough.

Here's how to hire.
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Not every person switch the job is hopping.... Their are many things that make him to this... Everyone is having ability to perform steady.. no one like to be that as 'hopper" their are many things that make person to do ... might there ablity and weekness were not recognize properly..by the leader or colleges..it is having ability to convert his wrong in to right... It's only require right person to recognize and to groom that person that he/ she never feels like to leave.. that's actually a mentor should do..as organization expect employee to make PR with everyone it's also responsibility of organization to make that same PR with their employees... That's the only thing where organization & employee grow together...it is very much require.

Cool Neil. You should create video about how to build first Saas product. I need to know more about that neil and i believe your other loyal audience too. 🙂 thanks for the every knowledge that you give before through your video's

Hey Neil, I have got some problems with the sitelinks that Google displays in the search results. It's displaying sitelinks as some of my site tags and image link but I want Google to show my site categories as sitelinks. Is there any way to change what shows about my site. I googled some top sites (including yours), the results came with categories as sitelinks but why it's not happening with my site... Please help me...

Do facebook watch has some benefit over normal video upload?

Neil can i start at your compqny from scratch?

Like only one sentence in the whole speaking "Hire Slow Fire Fast" RESPECT (Y)

Hey, Neil, my best freind is a mother of four (stay at home mum), but she is fond of online marketing and Statistics so much, that lately she almost got her MSc in Statistics. Would you hire her? Wold you give a chance to someone like her, or you only want perfect matches to your company? 🙂

Hire slow terminate fast only works in certain industries. I own a transportation company that needs drivers right away so I check out the drivers record, make sure they have the correct licenses with local governments, train for a day and get them moving. This seems to be the best way to hire for a taxi/car service. I feel like the more deliberation the worse things get with it. Maybe you can assist with hiring for this industry?

You do a lot of churning...you get a whole lot of butter!

Thanks for the info - I learn a lot from your insight and I appreciate the opportunity.

Not totally agree or disagree with you! Especially when someone makes job switches! Many of them had serious problems with their boss. But you cannot tell that truth to your interviewer, right? I told lies 🙂.

Hii , one year back I hired 5 employees but after 4 months it turned out to be a night mare for me , now with my current strength we are doing ok , because we have adapted Blockchain and now getting the projects quite well , but I still feel if I hire people I can develop my company far better , what shall I do shall I leave the current no of people as I am doing ok or shall go and hire more people so I can further develop my company ?

So glad i no longer work for anyone but myself. I've finally learned that being self-employed is really the ultimate freedom. Sadly, most people will never work for themselves and will continue to slave away at jobs that will never give the ability to be in control of the most valuable asset which is their time.

Hey Neil!

Hey Neil my brother did his engineering from India now he want to do masters in computers so which country education value is more US or Australia or Canada...

As an employee, you can't measure your performance but indeed truth to be told.👍

Tamaya Lyn this is the guy I said you should follow.

Kicking myself for not accepting your offer when I had the chance Neil 😔

Yousef Ahmad Hiring the right people !

Raphael Brandão check this video. Amazing. We need something like that.

Saurav Keshan

Cleber Oliveira

Renan Arita

Michael Douglas

Prem N' Singh

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Neil Patel

Want people to find your business?

You don't have to pay a marketing firm!

Here are 4 simple hacks that'll get you more foot traffic to your business.
... 展開收合



Hi Neil, as always your videos are great. Just wanted to ask about this. There’s a company called scoot I’m the uk and I’m paying £24 a month for a company to have multiple citation links on different sites that have a link back to my website. If I stop paying them they remove the link to my website. Do you see any benefit in this from a citation point of view. All the links they have on there network of sites contain the same content about my business and I wondered if this was adding value to my local citation and to my google maps listing? Would appreciate any comments. Thank you Neil

Great insights. Another tip is to create landing pages for each suburb that's closer to you - make sure the landing page has the the city name in the URL, Title, desc and also in the content (not keyword stuffing but relevant) and have a map of that town.

Nice tips Neil Sir 🙏

Hey Neil..i have a ques....i want to move few articles from one blog to another.Now ques is what to do with the deleted url and secondly after how many days I should publish that content to new blog..

Hi Neil, is proper <h1/> 'ing your pages still valid?

Hi guys. Great tips as always. But how do you do Seo for a yelp like website to rank first when people search for local services ?

Hi Neil how do I improve SEO ranking and increase traffic for an online business?

This was really good news!

Hi Neil, thanks for your inspiring videos, it helps, but does your tips focussed more in the USA? How can I grow my advertising business in India being a SME? Thanks

Thanks Neil, that’s help👍👌

Thanks Mr.Neil Patel I m great fan of yours.

Hey Neil Patel, I'm a student from Sri lanka....I want to solve this problem..I do logo designing as part time and quote page on Facebook.....I have 2 kind of fans once for logo and once for FB page... I think to create two profiles to me for balance this two types of fans...is it a correct for my problem?

Can you recommend app creators?

Neil thanks for the flower tips 🌸 but I wanna know is the background in ur video...do u use a green screen or is it all digital via some app? Gracias!

Hey Neil Patel and Adam, thank you for great advice as always! What if I have 10 locations in different states under the same brand - should I create a separate website for each or what is your opinion on this?


Sina Rosemann

Wagner Toneli


Do comments links still work.

Great value as always 👌


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Durai Raj

Mitch Kahn watch this

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Testing these 5 copywriting elements on your landing page is a MUST! ... 展開收合




Here's a checklist from Justin Rondeau - bit.ly/1rvEhSO

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... 展開收合



Hello Facebook,How can I make my page verified? I want to know the basic steps of it.

How is it that FB presumes to understand what is important to me? I really do not like how the constant rearranging of my news feed is being done. Originally it was only to affect notifications. Is this a way to keep people on FB longer so we can see more ads?

Dear Facebook: Getting really annoyed with the fact that most stories on my news feed are 3-5 days old, some even as much as a week or more. I shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to get my Most Recent stories from my friends, every single day. Can you please fix this?????? Sincerely, A disgruntled Facebook user.

I cannot open may account because i forgot the password. What will I do. I need to open it for some important reason. please help me thankyou.

Need help some posting to my timeline pretending to be me

My account has been temporary blocked.... I don't know how to solve this problem

Can we have additional feature where we can unfriend many people in a shorter time?

Why don’t you stop deciding for me which friends’ posts I see?

I've been requesting a duplicate account from over 15 years ago be deleted for several months now. Nothing has been done. Facebook reactivated an old account randomly and now I can't get rid of it. Please help!

How do I turn off my history of who I contacted and search for?

I love connecting to everyone. To learn about people is fasinating & rewarding, thanks Facebook 🌹.

What happened to the Trending Column? Where the news items/stories were?

I don't want my birth year to show on Facebook. Others do not there must be a way to do this but I can't find it.

Pls assist me! I forgot my password on my main account my all game link is there

I have an another account. I have losted my password. please delete my account. my account www.facbook.com/english.man.limon

Hey, FB. The FB to Twitter thing hasn't been working for days. Is it glitched, perhaps? None of my posts from FB are going straight to Twitter as intended.

I want to use my previous phone number on my Facebook account but but I am not able to do that because it says that this number was used to verify another account which was my previous account and I have deactivated that account but still I am not able to use that phone number here, I just have this number and I wanna use this number only. I need your assistance please!

Hi,Facebook. How do request blue verification badge request? please help me.

Hi Facebook,can I know a information from u??? Actually I want that who are not my friend can't send me any message on facebook....so what things should I do??? Please help me

Hi sir ...plz help me ...my birthday was not changed...so what can I do??

Dear Facebook, I need your help , i posted a makeup picture of a finger for a acting scene & i got blocked for 30days can you guys please fix this i see videos that always have Graphic Content in it with a warning on them before someone views them but i get blocked cause a fake picture. ,Please advise.

This is the only other way I know to reach fb. Why do you keep putting things on my wall I don't want? I have sent messages and reported. Please stop.

Facebook can I have someone to talk to for hassment

Facebook: HELP, please! I'm being blocked from replying to messages in Facebook. I'm an admin of several health-related groups that have hundreds of members -- I really need to be able to communicate directly with group members and people who request membership. What can I do to get the block removed?

I would like to know why in each of my postings I have a green dot by my picture?

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To not run away from ones child.

Well to start, he has to have a Facebook account.... 🙄

He must have the capacity to love a newborn and hold his baby. He must have a big heart and always put his family first. A good dad spends quality time with his child daily to ensure the bond of love. He must change diapers without complaining. A new mom is very busy and could use the help. One of the biggest musts is to be there all through your child's life. Whenever time is needed by your child, be there and listen and respond. Teach your child kindness and compassion, even for a dead bug. Talk with your child and listen actively. That is so very important and gives your child the sense that his/her feelings have meaning to you.

Learn all their private information and sell it

to Ron and John and all my grandson Fathers Paul, Barry ,Taylor , David ,Ryan , Aaron,and Jared a Happy fathersday from OMA,sending a big Hug to all of you

Happy Father's day to all world ❤ I'm father of 7 children

Mostly just being present and loving in the most supportive way you can. That alone is extremely important.

To love, protect, provide for, shelter from harm, teach, support, teach morals, always be there for them, have their back, time, be a great role model, show respect to the mother, patience, attention, be involved, play with them at every age, just be there!!!

Happy Father's day to all world ❤ I'm father of 7 children

To be there for your children, and help them and support them in times of trouble. Also, give them moral support, as they are growing up, to understand the Bible and Love and obey our Lord,Jesus Christ.who is the only way to salvation.

Allow your kids in growing up to be be respectful, believe in themselves,to feel Ioved, believe in GOD in a their personal way, and compassion for our human race.!

Being appreciated by the mother of their children, and the children themselves! Makes dad all the more motivated and loving!

Love unconditionally, do the right thing, just be there but know when to let them fly by themselves

Being there. Providing, teaching, protecting and loving them. Treat their mothers with respect no matter how you feel about them.

He has to love fiercely and be willing to make tough decisions on behalf of the child, he has to always have the back of his child with a love like no other possible.It's the best, hardest, most rewarding, frustrating,life changing job, and the only thing that really matters at the end of your life.

Happy Father's Day They say how close children are to their mothers growing up but I do think that their Fathers have a lasting impact. My Dad & Grandfather took me everywhere & showed me everything, They never put limits on our relationship. I will always remember them for what they shared with me.

love .. comfort..patience..providing..advicing..show them you care for them as well as for mama.. by showing emotions toward them .. unselfishness..playfull and goofing around as well ..most of the time a mama is much more worrying and emotionall with their kids so father may put some sillyness into it all

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO ALL THE DAD'S OUT THERE, you have a very hard job in today's world.

Actually be there for your kids teach them build them up and help them up when they fall never talk down on them uplift them and most important love beyond all faults...oh and btw if you only call your kids on father's day you don't qualify

Happy father's day 2 all the father,specialy 2 my tatay Ernisto Dionisio,hndi k mn lng nkita bgo sya pumanaw,bcoz its long story,but im proud 2 my ttay kc sya nag alaga skin hanggang lumaki at nagka isip ako,kya khit wla kna tay gus2 kng mag sory,at magpa slamat sau,tatay i lve u kng nsan kman,i miss u,agn happy fathers day tay.

Love ..compassion and spending time with each other and. being there for them when something tragic happens to them...teaches them about God

A good start is to not beat up mom and also avoiding exposing his children to his skills in psychological terror.

Are you ever going to respond to my message? I messaged you last Wednesday, and you purport to respond within a day. The website (NOT the app) recently started making noises every time I like a post. I've tried to mute it, but there's no option on the website that I can find. I have to mute my phone, which then prevents me from hearing videos. How do I get rid of these sounds?

Love, respect,being there always!Forgiveness! Patience, morals, listening not always condemning, being a Father and not just a father figure or friend!

Your time ,knowing that you are there. Contributing to the needs of the child but above all stay in your child's life. No one should be without a father figure you are all very much needed. We love you and appreciate you each and every Dad out there Happy Father's Day filled with God's Blessings and Much love and Happiness.

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See you next week at Arctic15 2018! 🕺

Wonder why you should come to #Arctic15? Check out what our previous attendees want to say!
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